“It’s not Italian…”. Controversy erupted over Sanremo

Announcing 22 singers competing for the next song Sanremo Festival sparked controversy. Anna Mina ended up in the center of attention. The Spanish singer was chosen by Amadeus to participate in the festival not in conjunction with a great Italian, but as a soloist with a song in Italian and the bomb exploded on Twitter.

Immediately after the announcement made by the artistic director of San Remo during the evening edition of Tg1, discussion of the Spanish singer’s participation in the Italian Song Festival began on social media. Dozens of tweets that raised the issue: “Ma Ana Mena In what capacity do you participate in the Italian Song Festival? “But I’m Mina in Sanremo, why?” Wasn’t it the Italian Song Festival? “,” I’m Mina not Italian, she’s Spanish, but does Amadeus know that? “,” But why am I Mina? For heaven’s sake very good, but it’s not Italian“.

Anna Mina Rojas, 24, is already known to the Italian public for being one of the queens of the musical summer. His collaboration in Italian with Fred de Palm NS Rocco Hunt They also made her appreciated in Italy, but this did not protect her from controversy. Amadeus included her in the cast of the upcoming festival, but she’s actually not the first foreigner to take part in San Remo. In 2008, Argentine Lola Ponce won the song “Colpo di fulmine” with Giò di Tonno. In 2013, Italian-American Peter Cincotti co-starred with Simona Molinari and in 1969 made his debut in Sanremo with young Stevie Wonder with Gabriella Ferrari with the song If you boy my. However, precedents did not stop the controversy, especially since Mina will participate alone and not be associated with an Italian singer. The Regulation Do not place conditions on the nationality of the singer in the competition, except for the song that “It must be in Italian“.

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‘The Case’ takes on international tones and controversy It also broke out in Spain. Iberian fans were surprised by the Andalusian singer’s participation in the Italian Carmes, and the tweets were lost on Twitter. Many pledged their support for the artist, but the Iberian press permeated the “i” on the issue Eurovision. “Anna Mina will not compete to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest‘, the Spanish site reports Newspaper. By participating in the Italian Song Festival, Anna Mina would have missed out on any opportunity to represent her nation at the European Kermes, which will be held in Turin thanks to the victory of manskin In the latest version. Instead, he will be able to represent Italy if Sanremo wins. This may spark another controversy.

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