Donate to the Italian Red Cross

Donate to the Italian Red Cross

videosA rapper with a heart of gold. We’ve learned to recognize him over time through social media, but there’s always a piece being added to tame our likes. Some snapshots have surfaced on Instagram showing Fides’ commitment to the foundation that bears his name, in support of those who need it most. a A gesture of love and solidarity for the Italian Red Cross And for those in Ukraine who face the horror of war head-on.

Fides is a gift to the Red Cross on a mission to Ukraine

Red Cross calls, videos He answers. in front ofEmergency in UkraineWith war raging and many people finding it difficult to receive the care they need, the rapper decided to make his contribution through a donation It will help save many lives.

She did so through the Fedez Foundation, who decided to give her life in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to give herself the opportunity to make good use of it Energy and resources for charitable purposes. The goal is to help others and we can say that it works in a wonderful way: Fedez donated to the Italian Red Cross Isothermal vehicle used to transport medicines that require a certain temperature when moving.

Fides with Red Cross volunteers

I am happy To donate through my foundation this special insulated van to transport medicines to Crocerossaitaliana – the rapper wrote on Instagram – which will leave tomorrow for Ukraine with a load of 400 boxes of insulin Donated by @fondazioneitalianadiabete to help the most vulnerable part of the population ❤️.” The words that the Foundation itself reiterated in a press release: “The decision to buy a car and donate it to the Italian Red Cross came from the awareness that this type of emergency transport is a critical factor for To ensure timely aid access to war-affected territories“.

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at Ukraine The bombing has been raging for over a month, and the hospitals, if not above all, have been at the expense of Provide assistance appropriately to their patients. for this reason Fides Gesture Really Important Which is why he can be more than proud of him. Upon setting out, the truck will carry 400 boxes of insulin in which Ukrainian doctors can administer treatment for at least a thousand people.

From Chiara Ferragni to Mara Vinier, comments from friends and VIPs

You can’t miss to comment on this beautiful post Chiara FerragniAnd The rapper’s first supporter In each case. In recent weeks we had the opportunity to attend Videz difficult path with pancreatic cancer diagnosisThen the operation and the adjustment period after surgery. And there was always thereA wife who loves with all her heart and does not leave him alone even for a moment.

But in the Instagram post of the donation to the Italian Red Cross, there were also comments from many friends and dignitaries, such as Italy’s most famous aunt, Mara Venier: “Always ready to help others…You are special.” Many of my fellow rappers also left a few words – like Baby K and Benny Benassi – and many followers who, although not personally acquainted with him, consider him like a family member: “As a 12-year-old diabetic tells you Endless thanks on behalf of everyone!!! Insulin is life for us “,” You’re fine! Point! It will take more people like you “again” for this and many other things you do and we are so proud of you! “.

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