Teramo and Verzilli return to the Science Park: “The mayor must apologize for the chaos”

Last update: Wednesday December 29, 2021 @ 14:43

“A month ago, I had to stigmatize the problem of unsustainable traffic in Science Park and the associated shortage of parking spaces. Indeed, in addition to the offices of the municipality of Teramo already located in the Science Park in the Qumrana region, the municipal council is also there and since October past 2021 until the ASL vaccination center in Teramo, having unfortunately made the municipal administration of the same complex available to identify the crowded center dedicated to health needs associated with the epidemic being implemented.” This was confirmed by the councilor of the municipality of “Teramo Protagonista” Ivan Verzilli.

“The result that I emphasize again is traffic paralysis because in addition to the cars of municipal employees, municipal administrators and users of municipal offices, unfortunately there are many cars for everyone who goes to get vaccinated. The center, because they work there and because they have to vaccinate or accompany the vaccinators. This situation makes the whole neighborhood hostage, As it is impossible for residents to enter or exit, with the added burden of new users of the newly established shopping area in Qumrana.Moreover, with the onset of winter, the situation becomes even more dire due to the chronic shortage of parking spaces, which are now completely insufficient to carry users, This is added to the difficulty of the road in the narrow and one-way streets.As with the lack of an exit, which characterizes the area, already overburdened by the presence of health centers such as analysis laboratories and associated studies of regional pediatrics, which are subject with the cold season to an inevitable increase in users “.

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He concludes: “Therefore, in the absolutely objective and inappropriate re-affirmation of locating an on-site ASL vaccination center, given the responsibility of a very ill-advised municipal administration, I ask the management of the healthcare company to urgently rethink the location of the vaccination center – which It can also be accessed by many citizens of neighboring municipalities – in a place more conducive to smooth traffic and ample parking.We are sorry to note that the mayor, instead of making mea culpa has recklessly made Pledge available to Science Park rather than other more efficient sites, such as Sports Hall of Scapriano (also equipped with a very large parking lot), continues to deny its responsibilities, denouncing in turn that “pressure on the structure is unsustainable” and demanded “the opening of other organized hubs on the territory of the province.” Unfortunately, the problems are not solved by throwing a cross on others, but by making the right decisions, and when mistakes are made, by apologizing and remediating as quickly as possible with better decisions.”

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