Albenga in Science 2023, the event that brings together science, technology and publishing, is back

Albenga in Science 2023, the event that brings together science, technology and publishing, is back

Albenga. The “Albenga in Scienza 2023” is back, the event that combines science, technology and publishing (with full respect to STEM) organized by the “Giordano Bruno” secondary school under the auspices of the municipality of Albenga. The event reaches its seventh edition this year.

Headteacher Simonetta Barel says: “From 22 to 24 March 2023 we will open our secondary school to the community. We expect over 2,000 people to participate, including students, teachers, professionals, families, science enthusiasts and citizens. STEM has become increasingly important in recent years, with Technology and innovation are playing an increasingly central role in the daily lives of individuals and companies.The aim of the event is to promote scientific culture, engaging participants and citizens in interactive activities and laboratories, which will highlight discoveries and experiments in the fields of physics, biology, information technology, astrophysics and medicine.To participate in guided tours For laboratories, simply refer to our website and book by sending an email to [email protected].

“It will be possible to have experiments of different types from coding, to optical illusions, to chemistry in the kitchen, to physics, with the guidance of Bruno High School students. In fact, our students will be the absolute protagonists of the workshops that will see them participating for three days in The role of science communicators and educators for all those who will take part in the event Albenga in Scienza 2023 is not just an opportunity to learn and have fun: the event also aims to encourage dialogue between science and society, highlighting the value and importance of scientific research for the development of knowledge and culture and offering the opportunity to create a network of contacts and collaborations between students, researchers and professionals companies in the sector.

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Professor Donatella Arnaldi, project coordinator, concluded: “Thanks to the collaboration with the Genoa Science Festival Association, the Ingauno Volunteer Astronomers Group and the CampuStore, the project promises to be a unique and attractive experience for all involved. Therefore, Albenga in Scienza 2023 is an event not to be missed by anyone Interested in the world of science, technology, scientific publishing, or even for the most curious people.

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