Science in Trieste seeks and embraces “participation” –

Science in Trieste seeks and embraces “participation” –

An exhibition dedicated to science, its communication and its presence in culture and society: Seventh edition of Scienza e Commain Trieste from Thursday 4 to Tuesday 9 May, is the third with the artistic direction of the writer Paolo Giordano and its theme will be sharingThat is, the democratization of scientific knowledge. A popular will that runs through books, at the heart of the many review events, but also theater and cinema, to which some festival evenings will be devoted.

During the presentation on Tuesday 4 April in Trieste, Giordano explained the spirit of the festival organized by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies): and Flag and comma look at quality, Focusing on the content that we claim. We try to give multiple keys to complexity ». He concluded: «The key word is sharingBecause science needs public participation: there is a prejudice about the inaccessibility of the scientific world but now, after what we have lived through during Covid, I think science should open up to a participatory moment for all of society.

Suggesting the start and end of the festival Two free gifts: The documentary opens on Thursday, May 4th Margherita Pizza. The voice of the stars Dedicated to Margarita Hack. Focus ends on Tuesday the 9th Italo Calvino’s Reminder to Face the Third Millenniuma tribute to the writer on the centenary of his birth, starting with the book Pervasive Innovator (Lewis University Press) By Andrea Princip and Massimo Cediri; Leading the charge is physicist Roberto Trotta.

Science must enter the era of “cognitive humility”: says Sheila Jasanoff, Holberg Prize 2022 winner, who will speak on May 7 to Giordano about the need for “gentle science” to regain the trust of citizens. One of the world’s leading experts on string theory, physicist Kumrum Vava (Dirac Medal 2008), will be at the festival (Saturday 6), with the book Puzzles to decipher the world (A maze). Among other topics: the history of nuclear energy in Italy, in the seventh meeting with the astrophysicist Silvia Cunha Palero, about her book soaked in atomic destiny (chiariliter); research on HIV with immunologist Alessandro Ayotti and biotechnologist Annamaria Zacquido; Secrets of the Brain with neuroscientist Giorgio Vallortegara; and the memory of Vito Volterra, founder of Cnr, in the comic strip world function Feltrinelli by Dario Grilotti and Alessandro Bilotta. still: I focus on the future, with Roberto Paura and Danilo Zagaria, and on scientific humanism with Guido Saraco and Maria Cristina Schianampello and professor of sociology of pseudoscience Giuseppe Tebaldo. Workshops, astronomical observations, cinema (on the seventh vision drought by Paolo Verzi Giordano will intervene between screenwriters) and theater withAntigone Darwinism by Guido Chiarotti.

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