It’s a transfer market derby for a striker

The official opening of the winter session and words market transfer They start to become more and more consistent.

This is also the case with Inter e Juventus, two teams are so intent on strengthening themselves that they seem to have targeted the same target because of their attack.

Inter and Juventus look to Emilia

A name that would have warmed the heart of either of them Giuseppe Marotta that of Federico Cherubini That would be for an increasingly young man on the launchpad: Gianluca Scamaca.

He scored 6 goals this season with a shirt Sassuolo, who was born in 1999 has recently caught the attention of a growing number of clubs (there will also be AC ​​Milan and Fiorentina) but it seems that Inter and Juventus are more determined to get their hands on the talented Romanian attacking center as soon as possible.

Skamka, Juventus’ strategy

To seize the offers of the former Ascoli and Genoa, the Bianconeri would like to have an operation with Sassuolo in Locatelli styleie, deferred payment 35 million Which Juventus managers will present to the striker.

Given the amount of the amount, to Juventus Then he does not mind the inclusion of a young man fromUnder 23 years old To reduce the fee to be paid to the neroverdi who, for their part, are in no hurry to sell scamaka and will appear favorably at an auction for their pupil.

Skamaka, Inter’s plan

Moreover, Carnevale talks about concrete characters, and rates the player with no less than 40 million, which is Juventus’ expenses (likely to make it waiting market) He cannot and does not want to make a one-time payment in January.

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L ‘Inter Instead he would be willing to invest 40-45 million For Skamka, this good decision certainly benefits the Milan players at the expense of Juventus.

The Nerazzurri can also extract the card from his deck Pinamonte, the player relaunching in Empoli at a profit who, for the Greens and the Blacks, would represent more than a suitable alternative in the event of a departure from the 1999 class.

In short, it seems that everything is ready for a derby match in the Italian market played on the edge of millions and suitable technical counterparts, elements that could be decisive in the coming weeks in determining the success of one attack or another on the team. young player.


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