Sergio Dalma captivates Barcelona with the offer “Smile because you are in the picture”

Sergio Dalma captivates Barcelona with the offer “Smile because you are in the picture”

Sergio Delma He filled the Forum Hall at the presentation ceremony of his latest album. Smile because you are in the picture. The Catalan singer captivated the loyal audience, nearly 3,000 people, who sang songs from the new album such as “Los de setiembre” or “Luciérnagas”. Dalma also showcased some of his classics, including the legendary “Solo para ti,” “Soy un italiano,” or “Bailar pegados.” The artist said at the beginning of the concert: “I would like people to smile tonight and for music to be a good escape.” Saturday was the first performance by Sabadell musicians in the Catalan capital.

A few minutes after 9 p.m., Dalma came on stage while her voice was being heard on She showed pictures of him when he was a child. The artist began singing “He cerrado los ojos” followed by “Madrid – Buenos Aires”, “Ven” or “Mi Major momento” and others. He also performed “He tocat el cel” and “Sonríe porque estás en la foto”, the song that gave the name of the new album. Dalma presented a lively theatrical performance, with repertoire spanning more than thirty years of his career. During the nearly two-hour concert, songs such as “Yo no te pido la luna” or “Galilea” were also played.

“Sonríe porque estás en la foto” is the twenty-second album in Dalma's music career. It is a proposal full of sounds reminiscent of 80s tunes and was published at the end of November. The work contains several collaborations, such as Conchita's aria in the song “Luciérnagas”, or a song in Catalan called “He tocat el cel”, performed with Micky Núñez. The artist worked on the album with six different producers: Fernando Boix, Pablo Cibrian, Santos y Florin, Paco Salazar, Carlos Almazán, Pablo Diez, and Alex Perea.

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Before stopping in the Catalan capital, the singer has already presented his new album in Bilbao and Palma de Mallorca. Soon, Alicante or Valencia will do so, among other places in the state. In Catalonia, the next concert will be on June 15 in Dalma's hometown, Sabadell, which will put the cherry on top of the third edition of the Observa festival.

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