Calciomercato Inter, Eyes on Kostic: This is the feature

Filip Kostik, left winger for Eintracht Frankfurt, is the transfer market target of Inzaghi’s Inter: team latest in the deal.

Perisic’s renewal agreement remains elusive. So much so that many are willing to bet on the Croatian returning to Germany. However, there is another player, as he collected it, who could do the opposite and replace the former Wolfsburg.

Filip Kostic © La Presse

We are talking about Philip Costique, outdoor The Serbian left, long on Inter’s radar, Determined to leave Eintracht Frankfurt next summer, when it is one year after the deadline. class 1992 He did not willingly accept the failure to sell In the last transfer window and look for the jump to a major player in European football.

Inland transportation market, Kostic in the viewfinder

Marotta and Ausilio © ️LaPresse

Inter are pressing Kostic and the player seems to like the potential destination: Evidence is his passage to Alexander Lucci As a public prosecutor, he is a very active client mainly in the Italian Serie A, and he already has many of his clients in the Inter team, From Korea to Kolarov.

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