Rome, November 16. (La Presse) – “Look at the data: the European vaccination rate is 66%, Italy is 77%. Thanks to the Italians, we are ahead of everyone, only Spain and Portugal are ahead. I am available to think and discuss everything with everyone. We have entered into a demanding government, because with Pd and M5S We think the exact opposite on different issues.But an emergency moment and emergency choices.I trust the science,I have two doses of the vaccine,I have the green lane,I think about what is happening in the world.We are among the most vaccinated countries,and we have some of the most restrictive rules In the world. Health first and foremost, but we cannot continue to terrorize the country, so let’s give Italians some hope.” So was the League’s secretary, Matteo Salvini, during the Confesercenti Assembly in Rome.

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