Tennis and Djokovic Nuri returns and flies to the final at Wimbledon

Tennis and Djokovic Nuri returns and flies to the final at Wimbledon

The Serbian beat the Briton, the local idol, in four sets 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 and reached the eighth final in London. He will deal with Kyrgios

Amazing Novak Djokovic He wins by reaching his final 32 in a Grand Slam. to me WimbledonThe Serbian defeated the British in the semi-finals Cameron NorrieNo. 12 in the world with a score of 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. Some initial excitement for the champion winning the comeback, and on Sunday, he will face the Australian in the final chapter Nick Kyrgios Which made it to her first final yet Rafael Nadal confiscated.

Twenty-seven consecutive Wimbledon wins and new personal best performance. Novak Djokovic proves once again that he is comfortable on the grass and returns for the fourth consecutive year to the final in London. This time around, the Serb beat Cameron Nouri with little difficulty after a race that started up hard. The Briton starts better than Djokovic, as the latter suffers and makes many mistakes. So much so that the Englishman moves forward with a break and in half an hour wins the first set. The Serbian returns to the field with a different focus and wins the second set, replaying the match with a draw. The number 3 ATP rating slowly returns to its levels and dominates at the third level, immediately climbing to 5-1 and closing games at the first advantageous opportunity (6-2 last part). In the fourth set, Djokovic took advantage of the homeowner’s small slip and took a breather. Nuri does not give up and remains attached to the opponent (5-4). In the last match, Noel made no mistake and, in front of the midfield crowd, took the pass for his eighth final on English lawn.

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And he will face the Serbian, in the final chapter of Wimbledon, Nick Kyrgios. The Australian is one of the few players who can boast a positive record against the tournament champion. The precedents are smiling at the Canberra player, who is able to establish himself in two groups in the last two head-to-head matches. On the other hand, the Serbian can surpass his personal number of consecutive titles won in one of the major tournaments. On Sunday, the rematch between the two will select the new King of Wimbledon.

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