Here’s how the first two years of consoles were –

Here’s how the first two years of consoles were –

Compare graph with exclusive Get inside The first two years on me PS5 And the PS4, with the average score reported for each title to give an idea of ​​its quality. Well, it looks like Sony’s new console has seen a brighter appearance.

If in fact the first two years PlayStation 5 I was able to draw on products like Demon’s Souls, which defined a masterpiece through critical sounds, but also several Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal, and Gran Turismo 7, in Playstation 4 The beginnings were not smooth.

The former flagship of the Japanese house saw the arrival of the great Bloodborne, but other than that, the results speak for a Much less assortment: excellent Resoguns, inFAMOUS: Second Son, but also the less successful The Order: 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack.

That’s not all: We have to keep in mind that by the end of the year, we’ll also see two other first party games in great depth on PS5, The Last of Us Part 1, released on September 2, and God of War: Ragnarok, coming out. On the 9th of November.

Most likely, the two products in question will increase the average, indicating at this point a situation that is difficult to compare, proving how well Sony has worked in recent years to improve its software offering.

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