Pig mods and new diffuser – OA Sport

Pig mods and new diffuser – OA Sport

Nothing is left to chance. there Ferrari He wants to be ready for the first date of 2022 F1 World Championship. The championship will kick off in Bahrain, and Al-Ahmar, having been pleasantly impressed during the tests, wants to start the year with a very improved package.

F1-75Thanks to its mileage during pre-season testing, it provided the technicians with plenty of information. The priority from this point of view was Reduce unwanted porpoise hunting as much as possibleor rather pumping the car in a straight line, which is a common awkwardness for all the single-seater ground-effect seats this season.

That’s why Maranello technicians contributed a small one Adjusting the arrangement of the front wing in order to facilitate load balancing and at the same time went to touch the bottom, with the addition of Flap sticks to the flange to better manage local flow direction. A solution reminiscent of the one that McLaren specifically studied for the “pumping” issue. It is no coincidence that it is also observed Having a cutout on the edge of the back of the bottom So as not to lose excessive performance.

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Related to this aspect, an important novelty is a new publisher That the Rosa gave for this first round, as witnessed by fellow Spaniard Albert Fabrega. It is clear that the new goal is to improve the aerodynamic behavior of the car and make it more stable and efficient.

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