“It won me over, I can't find any downsides. My musiness doesn't seem to have changed for me.”

“It won me over, I can't find any downsides. My musiness doesn't seem to have changed for me.”

Day 2 of the 2024 Australian Open: The first round is still on stage, with many Italians on the ocean floor and good victories for the blue colours. Commenting on everything as usual on OA Sport TV is Dario Pupo in the Tennismania column.

Today's achievement: “I was positively influenced by Flavio Copoli, he attracted me. I had already seen him play, and he had already shown in Rome and at Roland Garros that he was gaining his first experiences. I also remember him when Stricker won the under-18 double at Roland Garros. There are many aspects that I liked, which I do not find Negative argument. But more than anything else his position. Copoli scored very many aces, and the percentages in the first set were great. Gary was having difficulty, he was taking breaks, anyway Copoli never thought about it and was not affected on Absolutely. I admire these Italian guys, they are a beautiful fact. I did not think he had this physical preparation, he is one of the best prepared Italians. He interpreted the game tactically as it should be. Gary is an excellent player, we know him. When the score was 5-4, when he went Running to serve in the match, Copoli had only collected two points on the Chilean's serve, but led 0-30. He won the entire match with two straight breaks, something that had never happened in a match. The first match he won in a Grand Slam tournament, it was the first time he “He gets to the fifth set. The attitude and physical preparation really impressed me.”

Second round with Kotov: “It's doable, and things could have gone differently as a competitor in the second round. The scoreboard opens up a little bit with a win over 18th-ranked Gary.”

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Game Lorenzo Musetti: “I don't see him changing much compared to last season. He still plays a lot from the back, and he risks becoming a catchphrase. Serving helped him from time to time, but not always. He found himself in difficult situations to score in two sets, which could have been a match Different. He wants to be more realistic and controlled in managing the match. But if you are Musetti you have every right to use the weapons you have. He did not want to go outside the box and insisted a lot while remaining very defensive. He has almost unique abilities, but he is very physically prepared. He “He did a good job to win the first two tiebreaks which secured the victory, so it's very good that he overcame his role.”

they Jasmine Paolini: “Great match for a set and a half, she allowed herself to regain her break lead, but she still managed to win. His goal is to win as many matches as possible in slams. He can collect points all the way to Rome where he has very little to defend, “And he has a really good chance. She's very prepared and has a good coach.”

And again, Zeberi: We will see that on the third day that concludes the first round. He had a little more experience. There is an opportunity to move forward from unfortunate situations that may occur. I will be happy to watch his match with confidence. “I know he makes a certain type of choice as a coach, and I will be happy if he can also have a good year.”

Tensmania Private Australian Open

picture: Matthias Martigani

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