Sinner-Schwartzman 6-2 4-3, ATP Barcelona 2023 LIVE: The Argentine disallows a ball from the second half

Sinner-Schwartzman 6-2 4-3, ATP Barcelona 2023 LIVE: The Argentine disallows a ball from the second half

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Live broadcast by MUSETTI-KUBLER (game four from 11.00)

15-15 Exhaust On This Schwartzman Straight.

0-15 Senner starts poorly, who sends a forehand of service into the net.

3-4 Schwartzman game. To get out of the defensive ball of the blue ball, which after changing the field will serve to extend again in this second set.

AD-40 Gunk can’t be ejected after bad recoil.

40-40 is very bad. Sinner’s cross forehand is slightly wide.

30-40 Double Faulty Break Ball. The third double fault by the damper Schwartzman.

30-30 lights up the specials with his forehand Yannick, who pushes the answer and makes the difference with the next cross.

30-15 winning response with a forehand cross from the blue.

30-0 exchange with Sinner’s backhand no pass.

15-0 Jannik’s short backhand stops on the bar after an excellent forehand.

4-2 Sinners Game. With his forehand winning, the South Tyrolean holds the serve comfortably.

40-0 serve, straight to the foul. There are three balls on the spot to extend 4-2.

30-0 Schwartzman forehand wide.

15-0 short serve ball and passer. Ok Yannick.

2-3 Schwartzman game. A long front counter from Blue, who remained ahead with a break in the second set.

The 40-15 Fault comes with a front Sinner.

30-15 Schwartzman’s winning overseas serve.

Stunning 15-15 this time Yannick’s backhand winning streak.

15-0 The backhand along the South Tyrol line does not pass.

3-1 faulty game. Excellent kick service by Jannik that sends the opposition out of bounds.

40-30 backhand is the length of the South American winning streak.

40-15 Another mistake from Argentina. 2 balls up 3-1 for blue.

30-15 Schwartzman’s front hand went out on the tape.

15-15 penetration with forward sin.

An excellent 0-15 points at No. 48 ATP, who plays an excellent short ball followed by an excellent lob.

2-1 break sin! Schwartzman also misses a backhand shot. Yannick returns one break ahead in the second set.

15-40 Two points for breaking sin. The Argentine’s forehand flies wide, constantly struggling on the serve.

15-30 Schwartzman hits hard with his forehand.

15-15 double fault from No. 48 of the ATP.

15-0 The sinner’s answer does not pass.

1-1 counter to Break Schwartzman. Sinner’s forehand disappears. As in Group A, there is an immediate counter-attack by the South Americans.

15-40 two balls from Schwartzman’s counter break. An amazing point from the Argentine, who finds a forehand pass along the line with a high coefficient of difficulty.

15-30 Yannick defends himself well with his forehand on the putt, but sends the next short ball into the net.

15-15 False backhand crossed into the lane.

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15-0 Schwartzman’s answer is a no pass.

1-0 break sin! A well-hit backhand was played by the South Tyrol player, who immediately put the break in.

15-40 Two points for breaking sin. Bitmap of the previous. Jannik can immediately place the arrow.

15-30 Excellent backhand response from Blue, who takes full advantage of the opponent’s soft second.

15-15 Yanick’s backhand sinks into the net.

0-15 hitting along the line and high winning backhand. This is how Sinner presents himself in the second group.

the second group

6-2 the first wrong set! The third group point is the good point. In lane face No. 48 ATP. Thus ends the first group.

AD-40 SINNER SET POINT. Schwartzman’s defensive forehand to the bar.

40-40 The Argentine’s run straight into the lane is a breath away.

40-AD Schwartzman counterball. The South American pushes a forehand, and doesn’t give up on this first set.

40-40 An excellent straight pass played by Schwartzman on a particularly indecisive offense by Yanick.

40-30 Bar refuses to recover with Blue’s backhand.

40-15 Two linear points. serve, backhand, and relaxed volley. All this is easy for Janik.

30-15 The back sin episode is awesome again.

15-15 win in response with an Argentine forehand.

15-0 Schwartzman accelerated along the straight in the lane.

5-2 double wrong break! bubble! A supersonic forehand arrives from Yannick, which will work after changing the field in the group.

30-40 Double Faulty Break Ball. The backhand pass along the winning blue line, nullifying the opponent’s counterattack.

30-30 The Argentine’s backhand shot does not pass.

An excellent 30-15 counterattack was played by Schwartzman, who then lost with the next straight from the inside out.

30-0 Sinner’s cross pass halfway across the net.

15-0 In this case, Yannick overplays and sends the backhand.

4-2 Sinners Game. The number one Italian player’s runs increase, and he also begins to vary, this time playing an excellent short ball.

40-0 Great shot from South Tyrol.

30-0 winning a backhand cross from the blue.

15-0 Great point from Yannick, who pushes his forehand all the way up the line and closes with a shot.

3-2 break a sin! The second at 123 km/h was by Schwartzman. For the first Italian, it’s easy to find a good direct answer.

15-40 Two points for breaking sin. Jannik lunges into the diagonal straight, getting two new chances to rest.

15-30 points won thanks to Sinner’s defense. The 21-year-old saves himself from the opponent’s first acceleration, and then punches him with a forehand.

15-15 Schwartzman hit hard with his forehand.

15-0 South Tyrol’s direct answer goes out on the net.

2-2 Sinners Game. No. 1 Ace of the Blue, who holds the serve for the first time in the match.

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40-0 Long rebound Schwartzman backhand.

30-0 finally strong and accurate straight from service by a sinner.

15-0 The South American gives himself up by playing another short, inaccurate ball.

2-1 Schwartzman game. A very difficult exchange with El Peque playing a great backhand down the line, then pushing a forehand on the counter attack.

40-30 in the lane, the Argentine’s backhand leaves the serve.

40-15 With the back of the sinner he flees.

30-15 On the third attempt, Schwartzman scored the short ball.

15-15 ATP’s 48th winning serve.

0-15 Yannick reacts aggressively to an opponent’s fall. Then Blue closes by climbing with a smash.

1-1 counter to Break Schwartzman. Straight from the inside out from South America that put Jank in difficulty again. There is an antifraction.

40-AD Schwartzman Anti-Break Ball. The Argentine presses the opponent well with his backhand.

Another 40-40 lengthy exchange. This time it changes blue with the inside in a forehand, catching the new valence.

40-AD Schwartzman counterball. Unloading on this straight out of service faulty.

40-40 What a point! A very long exchange with Yannick who lost the court but found the winner with a forehand cross.

30-40 Schwartzman Anti-Break Ball. Sinner reversed onto the tape giving an opportunity for an instant comeback.

Another 30-30 backhand error from the South Americans.

15-30 out of turn by El Peque Schwartzman’s backhand.

0-30 Passant with a great backhand kick for the Argentine.

0-15 in the lane, Jannik’s forehand on release.

1-0 break sin! Italy’s number one player’s first half arrived immediately, thanks to the first double fault by Schwartzman.

40-AD Break Point Sinner. Soft second from the Argentine who could not save himself from an aggressive reaction from the blue.

40-40 Yannick again misses a shutout, this time with a forehand.

30-40 pips wrong break. A great point from South Tyrolean, who draws the field with his forehand and closes with a high backhand in the counter-attack.

30-30 pity. Sinner commands a turn but sends back acceleration to the grid.

15-30 Schwartzman’s backhand cross does not pass.

15-15 Blue comfortably reaches the opponent’s short back ball.

15-0 Janik’s backhand substitution on tape.

The first group

12:34 The two players enter the court and start warming up before the match. In just over 4 minutes of meeting South America on duty! Good fun!

12:32 We’re getting close to Jannik Sinner and Diego Schwartzman entering the field. The center of Barcelona which is gradually filling up with the masses again.

12:28 In his debut, Schwartzman eliminated China’s Wu with a score of 6-2. Sinner instead benefited from a bye thanks to his status as the No. 4 seed.

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12:24 A few days before the second round in Montecarlo, the blue and the Argentine found themselves on the Catalan red clay. Despite the new precedent, commitment should not be underestimated for young people in South Tyrol.

12.20 The match between Dimitrov and Gomez ended, and the Bulgarian won it 6-3, 6-1. Not before 12.30 Sinner will face Schwartzman.

11.50 The first set of the Dimitrov and Gomez match ended, to precede the Argentine and Blue match. The Bulgarian won 6-3. We remind you that the match between Sinner and Schwartzman will start no earlier than 12.30.

11.48 Hello, and welcome to the live text of the second round of the ATP 500 in Barcelona between Yannick Sener and Argentine Diego Schwartzman.

Good morning and welcome Live text from the second round of the ATP 500 in Barcelona between Yannick Sener and Diego Schwartzman of Argentina. The rematch of the second round of the Masters 1000 will take place in Montecarlo on the Catalan clay courts, a tournament in which South Tyrol delivered the crumbs to South America a few days ago. Third direct confrontation between the two, with Yanek leading 2-0. The winner of the match will face in the third round between the Japanese Yoshito Nishioka and the Belgian David Goffin.

The 22-year-old Sinner from San Candido made it to the date after impressing in the North American bracket by reaching the semi-finals in Indian Wells and the final in Miami. The blue quickly adapted to the sudden change of surface, also impressing the red in Monaco, a tournament in which he raised himself to the semi-finals.

Schwartzman, 31, from Buenos Aires, is trying to get out of a long period of crisis. Having fallen to No. 48 in the ATP rankings, the Argentine has yet to win two consecutive matches this season. Winner of 4 titles in his career, El Peque remains an opponent not to be underestimated on this surface, despite a new precedent in favor of South Tyrol.

The second round of the ATP 500 in Barcelona between Sinner and Schwartzman will be the second match scheduled on the center court no earlier than 12.30 and in any case at the end of Dimitrov-Gomez. It will be possible to follow the action live on Supertennis and broadcast on SupertenniX. OA Sport will provide you with a live written broadcast point by point of the match. Have fun and good tennis everyone!

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