Car engine, you use 30% less energy | Here’s how to “unlock” it

Car engine, you use 30% less energy |  Here’s how to “unlock” it
Poor engine performance? Here’s what to do

Your engine can be much more powerful than this, but you need to know how to “unlock” this function to speed it up.

The dream of every enthusiastic driver is to own a carHigh performance carAble to speed at high speeds and make passersby roll their eyes. It is clear that cars of this type are usually quiet beloved – Both to purchase and to maintain – and is not affordable for everyone, leaving us to choose between less powerful, but more comfortable and economical cars.

But who has proven that “less expensive” cars, or in any case, those with a normal price, must necessarily sacrifice performance? Obviously, these vehicles will be equipped with lower-performance components, but the mechanics haven’t really found them A way to provide satisfactory performance even at average cost ranges?

One would almost think that everything is designed to provide the best performance to those who are willing to pay more. This has been partially confirmed by some mechanics: In fact, it seems that there are components in cars that do not express their true potential Which ensures less energy than you can release instead.

There is no plot, just the hard, simple truth of the mechanics. By tinkering with the above components, it seems a way has been found Enhancing vehicle performance by up to 20 or 30 percent more than usualAll by paying only for the mechanic’s intervention.

More power thanks to ECU mapping

there Control unit It is an essential element in every car. This piece is technically called the “engine control unit,” and it electronically controls the fuel injection process in the engine in terms of quality, quantity, and time. As usual, the performance a car can deliver depends largely on these factors.

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As an electronic piece, The controller can be modified with professional intervention As they say, it can be Reset it. Get the file called flashThe mechanic can examine all the data of the control unit and modify it to change the type of fuel mixture, the quantity input, injection times, etc.

ECU Mapping

Up to 30-40% more strength

Changing these parameters can release the engine’s potential energy, ensuring a Power up to 30 or 40 percent higher than normal. Obviously there are conditions: the ECU must be original to be able to access its original files; Second, mapping must be done carefully by a professional to avoid causing more harm than good.

But the results will not affect all types of cars. Naturally aspirated engines will get a small bonus – equivalent to about 40 horsepower for an Audi A8 – while it is cars with supercharged engines that get a larger benefit of up to 30 or 40 percent.

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