Bobo goes to Russia for the festival of patriotic song “The Road to Yalta”. Rain of criticism: “You insult our values, friend Putin”

Bobo goes to Russia for the festival of patriotic song “The Road to Yalta”.  Rain of criticism: “You insult our values, friend Putin”

child He will be a member of the jury at the Sanremo Russian Festival called The way to Yalta. Building on his notoriety in Russia, the Tuscan singer is expected on May 2 as a special guest at the Kremlin’s Festival of Patriotic Song, an event that takes on special significance in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“I was riddled with gambling debts and tried to end it on the highway,” Bobo says to himself.

By Spettacoli Editorial Staff

The festival in the Kremlin

The May 2 gala, which among its stated goals is to boost Russian propaganda and “promote the true image of the Soviet soldier-liberator,” will be hosted at the Kremlin Palace, where there is a 6,000-seat theatre. Bobo’s photo appears on the official website of the event, so the risk is high that the singer’s participation will turn into a diplomatic incident, given Italy’s support in Ukraine’s defence.

Bobo crying: My mom has Alzheimer’s

By Spettacoli Editorial Staff

Criticism chorus on social media

The announcement of the engagement sparked a chorus of criticism. Social media rose up against the choice of the Italian singer: “Of course it takes a lot of courage… to go to Russia today and pocket the money of a people who commit the most heinous crimes against humanity… Shame on Bobo,” Andrew Milano tweeted. While Alex Campi jokes: “But Hearing Pupo sing is part of Italy’s package of sanctions against Russia?” While Ninibisagno does not utter the words: “How disgusting is Pupo, Putin’s friend, who goes to Russia to sing Bella Ciao as guest of honor. A double insult to our country and our values.”

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The event opened with “Bella ciao”

Speaking of the event, Denis MaidanovThe deputy chairman of the Duma’s culture committee said: “The competitors share our values. We must feed the patriotic war with ideology.” Bobo participated in the event in 2021, that is, before the start of the conflict. On that occasion he sang with the festival presenter Hello Beautifula song that should also open this version of the event.

Al Bano: I also received requests, but the situation is now unacceptable

“I also received several calls to perform in Russia but I refused. I love the Russian people but as long as this situation exists, which is unacceptable, I don’t feel like it.” So in LaPresse Al Bano, one of the most famous Italian voices in Russia, comments on Pupo’s participation as a member of the Moscow Festival.

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