Temptation island couple interviewed on tg1: the scene goes viral

Temptation island couple interviewed on tg1: the scene goes viral


Celebrity couple starring on Temptation Island featured in Tg1 Report: What it’s all about and the web’s reaction

For several hours, a video starring two former champions of the Temptation Island. Who is he about? from Carlotta Del Isola and Nello Sorrentinowho participated in the program in 2020. After the success of the summer reality show, Carlotta also entered Casa del Big Brother VIP During her stay, Nilo goes as a guest to ask for her hand. Last year, on May 22, the two officially met married. But, why today, August 20, is there so much talk about Carlotta and Nello on social media?

Carlotta and Nello from Temptation Island on TG1

Well, it all started with an unusual appearance of the couple: the two former Temptation Island heroes were interviewed at TG1 during the day service Highway queues Created after the weekend of mid august. Carlotta and Nello, in line at booth numberanswering the reporter’s questions, revealing that they are returning home after a few days vacation in Rimini. The reporter in question obviously had no idea who they were and somehow stopped them unawareas did the other people lining the highway.

Either way, the scene amused a lot webAnd because the journalist concerned He did not recognize them And also for behavior approved by in. while Charlotte He answered the questions, completely left motionless with a smile on his face. Expression quickly converted into a file memesMuch to the laughter of many users. Within a few hours, a snippet from the news service starring Carlotta and Nilo was instantly shared on social media, and it went viral.

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never comments They were not alone positive. While many simply wrote that they found the video funny, other users took the opportunity to do so Criticize spouses, and identify them arrogant They even claimed that they were upset at not being recognized. Charlotte He wanted to have his say in this regard, by replying to the messages of some users under a post regarding this story shared by Giuseppeporro.it. The former Fibonacci remained shocking of these comments, explaining how it was”He talks about nothingAnd the lack of understanding of the blatant reaction to the interview.

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