Clone credit card Don’t panic: the bank will refund everything to me Here is the procedure to follow

Clone credit card Don’t panic: the bank will refund everything to me Here is the procedure to follow
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Checking account scams are the order of the day, not everyone knows about it but banking circles make up for lost money if strict measures are followed

Credit card copy It is an unpleasant episode that today can really happen to everyone, just a slight distraction even during online purchases or during ATM withdrawals.

One of the scams that we have been talking about a lot is, in fact, the fact that criminals are able to insert a reader into the card entrance of an ATM, are able to clone it, and use it multiple times with small withdrawals.

theIn order to be able to confront these phenomena, banks have tried to adopt ever more stringent solutions, in order to protect the current account holder. from any fraud or scams. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the bank provides for it in most cases refund the money, However, a specific procedure must be followed to apply for it, but above all to ensure that the application is accepted.

Credit card reproduction, through the process can be refunded from the banking department

When it comes to credit card cloning, this can happen in a number of ways. However, it is undoubtedly the most used fast reading, A term referring to the device used to read badges and copy the data on a card’s magnetic stripe.

Precisely thanks to this tool, every time we use a point of sale or insert the card into an ATM, we risk losing data. Let’s say knowing if an ATM has been tampered with is difficult but not impossible. You have to play a bit with the slot where you insert the card to see if it fits perfectly or if it has been tampered with. In any case, living with the nightmare of cloning cards can become a real obsession, so it’s a good idea to relax and understand how to get your money back if you get robbed.

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How to get your lost money back if you had a cloned card accident

In order to obtain a refund it is necessary first of all to proceed with a credit card clone report to the Police or the Carabinieri. It is important to be prompt because some banking circles make a fuss if the complaint is too far from the date of the card clone. Once you get the document confirming the report, it needs to be sent to your bank, in order to recover the stolen amount.

Furthermore, within sixty days from the date of Issuance of account statement, to be sent to Interbank Services, Attach the front and back photo of the cloned card cut into two parts and the written complaint and a copy of the complaint submitted to the police. If you follow all of these steps to the letter, in most cases you will be able to get your money back. The only case in which the bank does not take advantage of the recovery service is when we fall victim to phishing scams, because in this case the fact that the error was on our side will cause them to automatically click on the link.

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