Formula 1 and Verstappen heading to Bahrain: “I hope I don't have any surprises…” – Formula 1

Formula 1 and Verstappen heading to Bahrain: “I hope I don't have any surprises…” – Formula 1

By Valerio Baretta

Verstappen towards Bahrain

Everyone considers him the front-runner, not only for the Bahrain Grand Prix but also for the World Championship. the above VerstappenHe who is not accustomed to hiding, knows very well that he deserved this appreciation, confirming his excellent level also in the winter tests conducted at the Sakhir track, where, thanks to his speed in the race, he showed great consistency with excellent times. However, the Dutchman is not relaxing his guard, and warns Red Bull: Even if you start from the front, to win, you will have to do everything perfectly.

Verstappen's words

I can't wait to experience the weekend in Bahrain. We had some good days in testing, and we learned a lot from the car. Naturally, We don't want to bite off more than we can chew We still need to make sure we do everything right to have a positive weekend. Everyone has done a lot of laps here in Bahrain, so hopefully we won't have too many surprises with the setup. Overall, I'm excited to start the season and start racing again“, is the world champion's comment.

Perez's words

It's finally time to race and I can't wait for this weekend“, added his teammate Sergio Perez.

It was an intense week of testing, we made the most of all the possibilities and the car turned out really good, it satisfied me and we believe that the reliability is there. It's always interesting to see how things change on the first weekend, when you go into qualifying and then into the race, with so many new concepts on the grid; Many other teams look strong, but it's hard to tell from testing. We've taken a new direction with the RB20 and I'm excited to get the car into a competitive environment. I'm not looking too far ahead, I want to gain confidence in the car and take everything race by race; I expect there to be a close battle between the two teams in 2024, which could make things interesting“.

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