The new scam makes WhatsApp tremble, it’s impossible to defend yourself: recognize it this way or they will empty your account

The new scam makes WhatsApp tremble, it’s impossible to defend yourself: recognize it this way or they will empty your account

The new scam is making WhatsApp tremble as it seems to offer no escape. What to know to defend your checking account.

Cybercriminals’ attempts are becoming more intense as evidenced by the new WhatsApp scam that has alarmed them. The latest technology created by the bad guys seems to leave no escape route for potential victims.

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And users who surf the Internet know this very well Hacker attacks can appear at any moment. These cases have increased recently due to the development of tools available to bad actors, allowing them to carry out fraudulent operations that are difficult to detect.

Among these stand out with the advent of summer, Those related to holidays. Fraudsters will now mainly focus on this area following an increase in consumer questions. In this context it comes Dangerous WhatsApp scam Which makes everyone worried.

WhatsApp Booking Scam: How to Defend Yourself from Task Scam

Bad guys are always out to try to create problems for network users. In the past few hours, reports have begun to spread about the reappearance of… Booking via WhatsApp Booking. This technology is known as “Mission scam“Its spread will increase in the summer of 2024.

How to protect yourself from fraudulent reservations via WhatsApp Booking – Image: Canva – (

Users using the messaging app have received some messages where A job position is offered It aims to evaluate hotel reservations on Naturally, the company has nothing to do with it, and the fake job offer is just trying to attract the user’s interest to make them respond in the shortest possible time.

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A WhatsApp message asks people to do so Reply with specific letters To prove that they are called. Furthermore, after responding in the manner highlighted by the message, the user is prompted to contact the application administration. The thing to remember is Do nothing of what is written in the letterKnowing that the scheme is one of the scams that have appeared in the past.

In this specific case there are several elements to pay attention to. At first glance, it looks like a WhatsApp message is coming from someone Foreign prefixes And the The content consists of decidedly strange instructions.

Another useful step, since we are talking about a WhatsApp scam, is to do this Block the number and send a report to Meta. In general, after using the “Block” option, the application provides the ability to send the last 5 messages from the conversation to the company, so that you can evaluate them. Following the solution allows you to quickly recognize the scam and prevent the message from reaching other people from the same number.

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