Literature and science come together to introduce Dante Alighieri to the history of the universe

Literature and science come together to introduce Dante Alighieri to the history of the universe

The greatest Italian specialists in culture and research Dante Alighieri and comedy present the history, not only of the planet, but of the entire universe. Guests of the Dante Alighieri Society, Scripta Maneant Editore, Human Space Services and Nanoracks Europe announced the new landmark designed for the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri: DanteSat. The satellite will forever keep the copy in gold support for everyone comedyEngraved with the names of supporters of the historic initiative.

Space mission begins on November 18, 2022

The space mission, which began on November 18, 2022, is made possible by the close collaboration of pioneers in the humanities, technology and sciences.

The new edition of The Divine Comedy, which will be kept inside DanteSat, is the prestigious edition of the Bolognese Scripta Maneant Publishing House, famous for its historical photographic campaigns and related publications that have allowed the protection of priceless treasures of Italian cultural heritage. Like the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. The volume has special content and symbolic value as it is the last divine comedy commented by Professor Emilio Pascini which, together with Professor Giuseppe Lleida and Giancarlo Benevolo, sheds light on the infinite path of the supreme poet with new interpretive insights. Light that Federico Zuccari’s drawings resonate and amplify by adding art to art.

Giorgio Armaroli, CEO of Scripta Maneant, the Bologna-based publishing house that created this, said, “We knew there would be many versions of The Divine Comedy coming out on the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri, and we wanted to make something Completely different and unique.” ambitious project. “We were inspired by DanteSat from Canto 22 of Paradise, when Dante was among the vastness of the spheres of heaven and planets, looking at the Earth and being surprised at how small it was.”

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DanteSat launch

The launch of DanteSat, which will travel aboard the SpaceX-26 mission to the International Space Station (ISS), is made possible using the Deployer CubeSat (NRCSD), a technology developed and produced by Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe in Turin. DanteSat, once in orbit, will always be detectable from Earth thanks to the special surfaces of the arctic sail, which allows it to be detected through simple telescopes and maneuvers in orbit without the use of propulsion.

“The inspiration for this mission comes from the humanities and space technology that makes it possible. That is why space nowadays definitely offers the possibility of daydreaming!” said Veronica La Regina, CEO of Nanoracks Europe.

Special thanks go to the Dante Alighieri Society, which welcomed and presented the DanteSat project that shared its core values, and to Fiorella Rotili Pasquini, the first student of Professor Emilio Pasquini, whose collaboration was essential to the realization of the new edition of the Divine Comedy.. and who joined the press conference to celebrate the greatest Italian Dante.

Publisher Scripta Maneant

Scripta Maneant is an Italian publishing house that pursues editorial purposes inspired by the highest values ​​of art and culture. Each Scripta Maneant folder is a file Unicom Entrusted with the best intellectual and artistic skills and conducted to the standards of exquisite craftsmanship, in recognition of excellence in the fields of human, Italian and global expression and creativity. Scripta Maneant works to spread and preserve Italian culture, through its close relationship with institutions, both institutional and private, working in this direction.

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The Nanoracks space focus in Europe

Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe, a subsidiary of Voyager Space’s XO Markets Holdings Inc., is one of the major commercial companies of reference for space access thanks to partnerships with space agencies (ESA, NASA) and innovative technologies (Publisher, Bishop, etc.). The company shares the same mission with the parent company.”space for everyoneThe suite of services is complemented by key elements such as DreamCoder 2.0 for digital access to the International Space Station, new orbital platforms and the possibility to soon introduce the Moon thanks to a modular laboratory on lunar soil.

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