LIVE TMW – Juric: “I can’t raise a Taurus, I’m so sorry”

LIVE TMW – Juric: “I can’t raise a Taurus, I’m so sorry”

20.25 – Torino licks his wounds after losing another derby, and settles the derby with a goal from Vlahovic and the grenade once again reveals the difficulties in the scoring area, with the team still running out. Coming soon, from the conference room of the Grand Torino Olympic Stadium, artistic Ivan Juric He will comment on the 1-0 loss at home to Juventus. Follow the live text on

8.33 p.m. – Juric . press conference begins

I’ve made a series of macro-technical errors: are they remorse?
“Yes, I agree: all the occasions of Juventus, from the start, were fatal errors from a technical point of view and without meaning. They are trivial errors in the first half and in the second half, you usually do not expect them. The biggest regret”

Did you miss a tip?
“In the second half I saw better, created more. In the first half we could have done more, without the central strikers, you had to work more. The regret is the same as before: we made mistakes that opened the way for Juventus.”

Could we have done more in the first half?
“We set it up as always and then lacked the idea of ​​winning to win individually and create superiority. We could have done more, but the spirit and ideas were the same. Then they played the long ball”

Were you too tense?
“We lose the ball if others press, but we usually don’t make those mistakes. We made other kinds of mistakes more than usual.”

Is there frustration in you and in the locker room?
“It’s a broader discourse. When you’re in Turin you can have a year of rebirth like last year and you see things a certain way, but then it just doesn’t go well anymore: without taking anything away in Verona, where they accept the situation, In Turin they do not accept it and the frustration arises from the outside. The bull should be more valuable, but I look at the reality: I know what it is and what we have done, now I have to pass it on. It is a difficult task, in life you have to set realistic goals. I can only work with The men who always give their best.”

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What happens to Taurus?
“With Empoli it was among the best of my time, so I don’t see it that way”

How do you cheer up?
“We want to go to the Coppa Italia on Tuesday and get back on track. There are positive moments and others we have to adapt to, but the tournament is just starting and we have to recover right away.”

Was the fan contribution good?
“The environment was beautiful, there was a lot of support: I’m sorry for not doing anything else. As a coach, I can’t do more for this place. But I can’t take another step. C” It’s a good team, but I can’t give the satisfaction the arena deserves. I know she’s done a lot of good things, that we work like dogs and have a lot of problems, but I can’t push you. But it’s not a resignation.”

What will it take in January?
“I don’t ask for reinforcements. I got two slaps and took two steps back. I always struggled and worked, even in Verona we had many fights and took cleats to change the season. However, in some things, I don’t come out and I have to focus on the team: these guys train at the top. , but I put my energies on the field. The first transfer market in Verona was turbulent and we had fights, then I backed out but they understood what I wanted and there you no longer need me to go crazy.”

Is farewell soon?
“I don’t control. We are the bulls: we had a great first year. To finish 10th, and it’s going to be the Scudetto, you have to be excited. In Verona they asked me why I wasn’t happy despite the 9th place, I wanted to go to Europe. Turin is not Fit for 12th or 13th, I feel like an unsatisfied person. I can’t make a move. I always criticize myself, asking myself ‘Evan, why don’t you beat Empoli?’ “And I tell myself to do something more. We’re all together, but I can’t do that thing here.”

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Is there a lack of quality on your team?
“There are situations where players can be better or not better. I have always appreciated the players, if they give me such important contracts, it is because the value of the players increases. My job is to take the players to another level. I have never had great players, I am always looking About the right key to getting them to grow up and that’s why I appreciate it”

8.49 p.m. – Juric . press conference ends

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