TC Interview – Science: “Awesome three-way match, which Regiana deserves”

TC Interview – Science: “Awesome three-way match, which Regiana deserves”

Three promotions, Reggiana was the last time Catanzaro and Feralpisalo joined yesterday. The technician spoke into the microphones to comment on these successes Joseph Science.

It was a good fight until the end in Group B.
“It was a great three-team challenge, Entella’s victory in Reggio Emilia gave the tournament a bit of excitement but Regiana deservedly won.”

What does Regiana possess in addition to this?
“He had more continuity, he always kept a high pace and continuity of results brought him a good place in the classification and when he took the top he never gave up.”

After last year’s disappointment, this upgrade has arrived.
“Last year it was already one step away from promotion, Serie A is a tough tournament. When a club does well, it wastes a year but then the results come.”

Great job to Goretti and Diana?
“Goretti is a capable and well-prepared sports director, he did an important job. Diana is a well-prepared coach, she prepares well for the match, her teams do not wait and impose themselves.”

Who liked the most?
“I am very happy with Guiebre, he was with me in Monopoli, I took him and kept him and confirmed him against many who did not want him to stay in Monopoli”.

Catanzaro and Feralpi Salo instead?
“Catanzaro roller coaster, arena deserves it. Feralpisalo is a huge and wonderful boss, triumph of programming. Year after year, they have been modeling their strength to get to win it this year.”

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