semi-final series at 2-0

semi-final series at 2-0

Piacenza. April 16, 2023

Play outside the Scudetto, in Piacenza, another sharp match: the semi-final series 2-0

Alessandro Micheletto on offense during the third set; 15 points for the left driver (Trabalza photo)

The Scudetto Credem Banca 2023 Play Off Semi-Final Series is still going on under the Itas Trentino banner. Tonight at the PalaBanca in Piacenza, Giallobl’s side even managed to improve on what they did in the first game last Thursday, also taking Chapter Two of a best-of-five match played at Gas Sales Bluenergy 3-1 in front of over 3,400 spectators.
A result that took Angelo Lorenzetti’s side a deserved 2-0 lead, just one win short of a possible qualification for what would be the ninth Scudetto final in Trentino football history. To earn three chances to close the score (the first already on Wednesday night in Trento), Kazeski and his teammates used not only very powerful and effective volley but also really great temperament and mental strength; Especially at the start of the match, with excellent work between blocking and defending, and in the central part of the fourth set, when the yellow blues managed to thwart the hosts’ attempt to reopen the match after winning the third set. hiring.
On the shields, the uninterrupted performance of Alessandro Micheletto on the net (15 points for 46%, one ace and two: man of the match), not well marked by the very inspired Spartolli seen today on the pitch (also three aces, four winning attacks and block) and helped lead the team to success also by a very present Laurenzano on the second row and by Lisinac again a decisive quarterback with 64% in the first half with two blocks.

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Below is the score sheet for Match 2 of the SuperLega Scudetto Play Offs Credem Banca 2023 semi-final played tonight at the PalaBanca in Piacenza.

Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza-Itas Trentino 1-3
(19-25, 22-25, 25-20, 20-25)
Gas sales capacity: Romanò 19, Leal 12, Caneschi 8, Brizard 4, Lucarelli 11, Simon 10, Scanferla (L); Resin, Geroni, Basic. Ni Hoover, Alonso, Cester, De Weger. Massimo Botti flock.
Itas Trentino: Michieletto 15, Podrascanin 9, Sbertoli 8, Lavia 4, Lisinac 9, Kaziyski 10, Laurenzano (L); Indigo 2, Davoronok 1, Dehir, Cavuto. Nee Pace, Berger and DePalma. The herd is Angelo Lorenzetti.
the reviewer: Zavater of Rome and Cerra of Bologna.
Fixed term: 28′, 26′, 31′, 25′; Total 1 hour 50 minutes.
NB: 3,430 spectators for the amount of 56,479 euros. Gas Sales Energy: 10 blocks, 2 aces, 27 serving errors, 9 procedural errors, 52% on offense, 32% (23%) on reception. Itas Trentino: 8 blocks, 7 aces, 15 serve faults, 6 run faults, 45% in offense, 45% (20%) in reception. The best player in Spertoli.

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