Allocating 1.7 million euros for a new genetic screening protocol for mental illness Diary Tots21

Allocating 1.7 million euros for a new genetic screening protocol for mental illness  Diary Tots21

Allocating 1.7 million euros for a new genetic screening protocol for mental illness  Diary Tots21

The Per Virgili Institute and Per Mata University Hospital are leading the project, which will include 2,000 patients. Photo: Sedida

to’Per Virgili Institute for Health Research I’Bir Mata University Hospital to Rios Lead a project to develop a new genetic-based screening protocol for mental illness. To make this possible,Carlos III Health Institute Aid of 1.7 million euros has been allocated to the project herbWhich will include 2,000 patients with mental illness from 17 centers across Spain over three years. The initiative aims to reveal in a more effective and personalized way the type of alterations involved in the loss or gain of genetic material that are often the cause of psychiatric diagnoses, and which have not yet been taken into account by health professionals in psychiatry.

According to experts, it is estimated that 4% of people with a serious psychiatric diagnosis are carriers of one of the genetic changes that explain their illness. Based on this data, the researchers will develop a new screening protocol that uses genetic and medical criteria that have not yet been taken into account by specialists. In this way, details such as the fact that patients have heart problems, have a deficient defense system, or have higher than normal blood calcium levels will be included.

Other information will also be added, such as the shape of the face and the composition of its elements to detect the presence of a genetic change, in addition to genetic testing. With all these details, researchers expect to be able to assess the likelihood that a patient is a carrier of the gene that determines the gain or loss of genetic material.

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The goal of this new screening protocol is early detection and diagnosis of the most serious mental illnesses, as well as improved treatment. According to those in charge of the project herb2,000 patients suffering from autistic disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychotic conditions participate in the initiative.

As for hospitals, seventeen research groups from eight independent communities will participate in this project. Clinical Genetics Unit in the Clinical LaboratoryICS Camp de Tarragona I Ebro landsThat’s fromJohn XXIII University Hospital to Tarragona The project will participate in genetic diagnosis and counseling. At the same time, it will provide ongoing training to health workers to facilitate the detection of potential cases. For three years, with the help of 1.7 million euros fromCarlos III Health InstituteWe will work together to develop this tool.

Although in general, each hospital center is expected to contribute about 133 patients on average, per…Pir Mata University Hospital in Reus This number will rise to 200 people suffering from various serious mental illnesses. According to the managerBir Mata Health Research Institute, John VendrellIt is a “very important” project because it integrates research and part of the care activity, which in turn has an impact on the patient and on personalized medicine.

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