“Does Napoli win the Scudetto? That’s what I will do…” And Francesca Vialdini replies like this

“Does Napoli win the Scudetto? That’s what I will do…” And Francesca Vialdini replies like this

Katrina Palivo He was a guest on the show he hosted Francesca Vialdini“,”With us… he’s freeThe presenter recounted her life and work projects, then talked about her passion in particular, which is the passion she has for her favorite team: Naples. Training led by Mr Spalletti He’s having a really good season and he’s getting closer than ever to winning in the scudetto. only in this, Katrina Palivo Make a promise.

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Katrina Palivo As a good Neapolitan, she can only support one team: il Naples. The presenter is very fond of her favorite team, which she also spoke about today, Sunday, April 16, in Da noi studio … freely. to Francesca Vialdini He said, “Cheer up Naples He is so charming and my support for this team has always been so unconditional, that if they win the Scudetto, I swear I will make a pizza on the field.”

In fact, the entire city teems with triumph league by Naples In fact, Katrina Palivo She’s not the only showgirl who has declared she’ll do something when the Azzurri officially win the tricolor. And presenter Francesca Vialdini, in the Catrina commercial, seems to be having a lot of fun: In fact, the idea of ​​seeing a pizza editor in the crowd doesn’t happen every day.

Marisa Loreto and Serena Oteri Lovers

like Katrina Palivoalso Marisa Loreto And Serena Oteri They are great fans of Naples. The first mentioned when the team would officially win it scudetto He will only wear the blue scarf. But the second actress said she would ask her husband for permission to strip naked.

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