Science and Health: Garlic. Compare the advantages of a utility lamp’

Science and Health: Garlic.  Compare the advantages of a utility lamp’

It is dedicated togarlicA magical connection in history and rich in strategic nutrients for our health, today’s episode of The taste of healthScience column edited by an immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for the Southern Italy Foundation for Personalized Medicine, and was created in collaboration with Adnkronos. “In ancient Egypt, garlic was considered a bargaining chip – explains Marco Reyna, an expert on popular culture – while in Greek mythology it was associated with the journey humans make to reach the realm of the dead.”

Garlic has been discussed over time not only for its beneficial qualities,” but also for its ability to endanger the psyche, so much so that it was despised and banned in the royal courts in modern times. The esoteric magical tradition – adds Reyna – advise Garlic is a powerful deterrent to evil influxes, being able, for example, to drive away such monstrous nocturnal creatures as vampires from us.. A cheap but effective weapon against Dracula.

Garlic nutritional properties They were listed by nutritionist Ilaria Vergallo who recalls the high vitamin and mineral content of this bulb. “Garlic is rich in fiber, which is essential for bowel regularity and contains mainly potassium and phosphorus but also calcium, sodium and iron. The health qualities of garlic, he notes, are linked above all to the presence of allicin, a sulfur-containing substance that is released when cut Or chew slices, especially if they are raw.There are also countless antioxidants among which, above all, quercetin.

Regarding the clinical effect, Mauro Minnelli said, after being suggested consumption of raw garlic. “Considering the fact that cooking would compromise its beneficial nutritional benefits, it highlights among these the ability of garlic to modulate blood pressure, proving to be a valid ally for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Garlic – he warns – coagulation potential And Grease antagonists Related to the ability to regulate blood cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the high content of fructans and oligosaccharides favors the action of prebiotics to support the good bacteria in our microbiota.”

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Garlic has an anti-cancer function Especially
With regard to tumors of the stomach and pancreas, it is able to promote an effective antiseptic activity, so much so that the Roman legionnaires used it habitually as an anthelmintic and to combat various infectious diseases – as the immunologist mentions – In terms of potential contraindications, it is helpful to remember that raw garlic can interfere with the activity of the digestive system Therefore, excessive eating of this bulb can cause heartburn. However, the main contraindications for bad breath remainHe was already talking about it Horace the poet In the 1st century BC when lovers were warned to eat garlic before a brave encounter to avoid putting their partner on the run. And even if it is possible to suggest – the doctor concludes – some useful ways to reduce the smell of the breath after taking it, perhaps by chewing a coffee bean, or a few leaves of parsley, or simply by eating an apple that nobody has. He will be able to guarantee the full understanding of the partner.

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