Tanani hears a street artist sing her “Tango” and begins to duet with her – the video

Tanani hears a street artist sing her “Tango” and begins to duet with her – the video

He was walking down Via del Corso a Rome And he heard singing tango, the song he brought to the Sanremo stage, and approached. Behind the microphone was a young singer Virginia Mingoli, who within a few minutes finds herself singing along with Tanani. Incredible to tell, it was the street artist herself who posted the video on Instagram and TikTok, and it went viral within a few hours with more than 230 thousand opinions. “I don’t know what to say except thank you. You gave me a tremendous gift, ”the girl writes on social networks. A powerful moment for the young singer, but also for Tananai who also reposted the duet on her Instagram profile among stories. In the video you can see the different moments of performance. First the female singer sings in front of the audience, then Tanani who approaches the artist and starts photographing her. Finally, the duet: «Love between the buildings is on fire, I recognize your voice and we are not like them. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, it’s nice to be like this … in front of you on my knees ». An unexpected gesture, it has almost become the signature of the Sanremo singer. Just yesterday, March 12th, during an episode sunday in Gave a gold record to Mara Venere. Or the blind in a taxi with the driver he didn’t recognize.

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