“Between school and science. Let’s meet the future!”, appointments continue – Ossolanews.it

“Between school and science. Let’s meet the future!”, appointments continue – Ossolanews.it

Appointments to the Cultural Review continue.”between school and science. Let’s meet the future!It was promoted by IIS Marconi Galletti Einaudi and the Giorgio Spezia Scientific Secondary School. The specificity of the initiative is that The meetings are repeated twice: in the morning for the studentsin the Great Hall of the Instituto Marconi Galletti Enodi, via Matilde Ceretti 23 and in the late afternoon, usually from 5.30 to 7 p.m., in the Sala Falcione, former church of Millerio, to the public.

After the second meeting entitledWearables: Technology and health at your fingertipsOn Thursday, March 9, we’ll talk about it The past, present and future of the Osola Glaciers On March 17 with Paul Walesa Paulmeteorologist at the Prialpin Geophysical Center in Varese.

“Climate warming is proceeding in the Alps at twice the rate of our planet’s average – explain the organizers – exceeding a two-degree increase since the pre-industrial era. The mountain environment responds quickly to temperature changes with important consequences. Even Ossola glaciers are retreating rapidly and evolution over the past 30 years is triggering A year past anxiety does not bode well for the future.” general meeting inex Mellerio Chapel at 5:30 p.m.

Participating teachers will be able to obtain a certificate. The initiative is sponsored by the Municipality of Domodossola; The Mario Ruminelli Cultural Association and the Paola Angela Ruminelli Foundation collaborate in its creation.

to get information: www.marconi-galletti.it/wp/school-and-science www.liceospezia.it/scuola-e-science

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