2 WhatsApp tricks that are not well known but that once discovered will become irreplaceable

2 WhatsApp tricks that are not well known but that once discovered will become irreplaceable

The messaging app is a source of utilities and convenience. Today we are talking about two really “irresistible” WhatsApp tricks.

in our country Articles We often talked about how many features it offers One of the most used messaging apps In the world.

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In fact, Lately we have seen many small and big revolutions which has to improve more us User Experience on WhatsApp. Just think of the latest missionSome are still present at the moment beta versions. Like that of being able to Manage group participants in a “more exclusive” way.

or, and anyone can do so, The ability to go back in time and delete messages even if the deadline has passed Maximum.

Today we are talking about Two more tricks you can use on WhatsApp And improve the satisfaction more in using this wonderful Messaging app. And now it’s real social.

2 WhatsApp tricks that should not be missed at all

the first Selection We want to talk about it It can be useful in many occasions. As we know, the “other side of the coin” in WhatsApp is that anyone can pClaiming we’re always ready. Between calls, messages, voice and more, sometimes we like Throwing the phone out the window And don’t think about anything anymore. Especially when they ask us “Where are you, I’ll share with you”.

But Fortunately there is no need to act drastically. First of all, if the contact does not appeal to us, we can, of course, block it. But this cannot happen to everyone. So, if they text us for the umpteenth time saying “Where are you, I’ll share with you”, We can literally escape. Finally, I feel free.

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just go in chat “Harassment” and in Function to send the position in real time. Instead of clicking Submit right away, that’s enough Search on the map Refer to a any other point. We add at least on the other side of town. This is the position the urgent person will reach.

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Second trickInstead, it reveals itself Useful in the voice message room. This feature is both loved and hated at the same time. It’s very easy to be able to cast a vowel while your hands are full, but Sometimes it can be difficult to listen to it in complete privacy. To avoid “uninstalling” the headphones, here’s what we can do.

Existing An app called “Transcriber” As evidenced by the name, it is capable of converting the voice message into text. It is downloaded and installed on the mobile phone. When an audio clip arrives that we can’t listen to in peace, here’s what we need to do. its enough Press and hold on the message and then access the “Share” function.

Among the various options to choose, Let’s just choose the Transcriber app. in seconds You get the audio version converted to text. And we will be able to read it comfortably when and where we want.

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