Here comes the first air pass for low-cost travel: the unmissable offer from the famous company

Here comes the first air pass for low-cost travel: the unmissable offer from the famous company

Unique in Europe, there is finally an air permit that allows you to travel abroad to and from Italy. Here is the offer.

Who does not like it travel by plane And spend little? It’s the same question the airline asked itself Wizz Air Think of the first air pass for travel low cost. It is still a unique offer in Europe which provides subsidized cost domestic and international flights for Unlimited travel for 6 months.

Airline ticket for low-cost travel (

The airway was called Wizz MultiPass It allows, for the 6 months that you are active, one-way travel or one-way ticket per month. It will be possible to subscribe to the offer from May 2023 and this will also allow access to the new routes announced and offered by the airline. actually Wizz Air She confirmed the expansion of the airports served, adding Funchal (Portugal) e Memmingen (Germany) with departures from the airports of Rome, e Abu Dhabi And Madrid Departure from Milan. In addition, more daily trips will be guaranteed from destinations that have been more successful in recent years.

Low cost travel passport: how it works and how much it costs

The Air Travel Pass provides a flat monthly fee (at no additional cost) and will allow access for all Eligible flights – eg all over Europe – no additional taxes. The pass will also be the most Flexibility Possible, thanks to the availability to purchase different subscription plans.

Sign up for an air travel pass: options (

To get a subscription, you only need to access Wizz MultiPass website Subscribe to the plan that best suits your needs. The fee is fixed and will be charged every month for one 6 months maximum (period of subscription). Once you subscribe, you will receive one or more codes each month that can be redeemed for a one-way or return flight on eligible Wizz Air flights.

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With this subscription system that Wizz has built for its customers Organizing the trip will be much easier and faster Business trip or vacation, because you save time that you use to find the flight and book the ticket that is able to satisfy the needs of the state.

the Subscription options different and allow access to some additional services. The subscription is divided into 4 different plans and costs:

  • Ticket card only
  • a Wizz priority pass and ticket;
  • one transit ticket and one checked bag of 20 kg;
  • full packagewhich includes all of the above services.

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