Time may not exist, at least according to science

Time may not exist, at least according to science

It’s one of the more unimaginable (and unimaginable) aspects of loop quantum gravity, part of a family of physics theories called canonical quantum gravity.


Time may not exist, at least according to the theory Quantum Gravity Ringpart of a family of physical theories called canonical quantum gravity developed in parallel with ring quantization, suggesting that the fabric of spacetime consists of a network of discrete tiny lumps, or “rings”.

One of the most remarkable aspects of quantum gravity (for many unimaginable things) is that associated with lack of time Which, however, seems to leave causation as it is: that is, the possibility that something else could create. “Physics may tell us that causation (not time) is the essential feature of our universeHe says, in an article dated Conversation, Sam Barron, Associate Professor at Australian Catholic University and author of “FinishedWhere he discussed with colleagues Kristi Miller and Jonathan Talant the sense of immortality. “The discovery of the non-existence of time may not have a direct impact on our lives, but it does push physics into a new era.Baron added.

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Beginning with an empirical examination of the “common” concept of time, the book explores the implications of the concept of eternity in our understanding of action and the extent to which our best physics and metaphysics align with a conception of timeless reality. “What does it mean to say that time does not exist? It’s complicated and It depends on what we mean by being. Physics theories do not include tables, chairs, or people, but we accept the existence of tables, chairs, and people. why?“.

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Barron asserts that the reason lies in the fact that “We assume that such things exist at a higher level than those described in physics“or emerge from a fundamental level composed of fundamental particles. The point is that”We have no idea how to “make time out of something” more substantial. So unless we can provide a good description of how time appears, it is not clear that we can simply assume that time exists. the weather – The expert concluded – It may not exist at any level“.

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