Emma Marron interrupts the party, her horror moments

Emma Marron interrupts the party, her horror moments

Emma Maroney was forced to interrupt the party after moments of terror. Here’s what happened

The horror at Emma Maroney’s party: The singer panicked He was forced to stop the performance. The reason is really incredible and has left his fans speechless. The video tours the network and provokes heated discussions on social networks.

Her unique voice made her one of the most followed singers in Italy, which is what many know Heir to Loredana Bertie Because of his singing power. Its success came with the victory of the ninth edition of Maria de Filippi’s friendsThe talent show is followed by thousands of Italians. In 2012 he won the Sanremo Festival successfully It’s not hell.

They are very well known His collaboration with Modà: In 2011 he participated with the group in the Sanremo Festival. From cooperation born will arrive, a song that was incredibly successful and made the singer and group number two on the charts. The singer also took part in the event as a valley along with Carlo Conte in the 2015 edition.

Emma Brown

Emma Marron’s genre is pop rockIts raspy voice distinguishes it from others. Her artistic reference has always been Gianna Nannini, as well as Mina and Loredana Berti. The singer is very active in the social sphere, participated in various charitable and solidarity initiatives.

Emma Maroney is currently touring and is touring in Italy to deliver her voice to fans who have been waiting for her for some time. But it happened during a party Unimaginable truth This forced the singer to interrupt the show in panic.

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Emma Maroney boycotts the concert: What happened

Fans gasped when the singer interrupted the concert. “Don’t laugh because you panicHe told the audience as he fidgeted in terror on stage. Fear attacked her and there was nothing she could do but stop the show.

Emma Brown

Emma Maron panicked because of A big grasshopper ended up on stage. Apparently, as revealed by herself, the singer is terrified of grasshoppers. “I only fear one thing in life: grasshoppers,” he explained. On the verge of tears, the artist asked the security to remove the insect to resume the concert. After that, the show is resumed normally and the singer Back to entertain the crowd.

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