The ABCs of Peace: Science and Technology

The ABCs of Peace: Science and Technology

The dangers of military escalation and the limits of independent arms control

Amplifiers Francesca Farrugia (Institute for International Peace and Disarmament Research), Guglielmo Tamborini (University of Naples Federico II and Union of Disarmament Scholars), Norberto Patrignani (Professor of Computer Ethics, Politecnico di Torino) online Francesco Vignarca (Italian Network for Peace and Disarmament). Presents Enzo Ferrara (Sereno Regis Study Center).

Peace is not built in an emergency but with a lasting commitment over time. The Sereno Regis Study Center, the Disarmament Archive and the Italian Peace and Disarmament Network condemn the nuclear threat and point to Italy’s accession to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weaponswhich the ongoing war in Europe makes even more urgent with a reflection on the roles and tasks of science and technology for peace.

A live broadcast is expected on Centro Studi Sereno Regis . Youtube channel

“Brothers, what are you doing?” “tank”. “And then, with those chips over there?”. “New and patented bullet. Penetrates steel as if it were glass.” Unfortunately, our society has gone crazy! Disaster knocks on its doors. Working on behalf of death is the only way to survive.

Bertolt Brecht, The ABCs of War (Einaudi, Turin 1951), trans. Renato Solmi

mark Technology Biennale 2022 (Polytechnic Turin 10-13 November 2022) And the next day, Saturday 12 November, the meeting will be held From the sword to the plow. Technologies and Peace (10 a.m.) with Francesca Farrugia, Guglielmo Tamborini, Norberto Patrignani and the meeting The dark side of technology (5.30 pm) with Pietro Patacci, Francesco Vignarca and Peppino Ortoliva.

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