Superbonus exit plan

Superbonus exit plan

Rome, July 13, 2023 – Hanno Even a commission, complete with Facebook page. And in recent days they have also demonstrated on Via Venti Settembre, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. They are the “exodates” of super reward, The new class of citizens, businesses and professionals are caught up in government pressure for maximum stimulus for building renovations.

The problem is Many jobs are effectively banned For months due to uncertainties related to bill discounts and tax credit transfer. Thus business ceased and there is a real risk of litigation, civil disputes and implications Until failure. So they study at the Ministry of Economy Possible solutions To avoid a new emergency. According to some accounts, about a million families will participate in the super reward squeeze. While the tax breaks that are still pending amount to about 19 billion.

government plan

The first hypothesis under study is verification kind of “parachute” Finance for apartment complexes or property owners who started the business before the pressure of the super bonus (which, in fact, already started with the Draghi government) and who planned the business meticulously by relying on the maximum incentives decided by the government. The aim, in short, is to complete work that has been held up due to non-payment by the companies.

Stop unpaid payments

The first premise is somewhat judicial truce To prevent late payments or failure to release tax credits from bringing condominiums, businesses, and owners to court. In this way, foreclosures, forfeiture or bankruptcy applications can be blocked and work can resume. But from a legal point of view, the idea is not easy to implement. It will also lead to problems from the point of view of competition and market.

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protection requirement

Hypothesis I’m more realistic‘selective’ interventions, is limited to those who started business or sent Cilas in 2022. It will be a limited audience with a limited period of intervention over time. Mef technicians are working on it but no final wording has been reached yet.

Extension of deadlines

Another possible way is that Deadline extension to get business done. Right now, in order to maintain the current level of tax deduction, the works must in fact be completed by December 31, 2023. A goal that is also difficult to respect due to the constant pauses and pauses of the legislation. The Builders Association demanded ANCE for at least another six months. There could also be regulatory interventions on this issue by the executive branch.

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