Pino Encino denies sentence about Annette Stephens: ‘You don’t have to apologize, I told her not to take it’

Pino Encino denies sentence about Annette Stephens: ‘You don’t have to apologize, I told her not to take it’

Pino Insegno tries to extinguish the controversy that has overshadowed him by confirming that the relationship with Ainett Stephens is intact, following in a blog interview David May He had ruled out the return of the model at his new dealership at the Al Rai showroom with a sentence that upset her. showgirl. “Obviously there will be a black cat, – said the conductor, – we are looking for her. My eyes have grown a little, many years have passed, and she is still an unforgettable symbol of this program ». The exit was perceived as the least unfortunate for many users on social networks, But above all to Stephens, who demanded an apology from Teach. What upset her above all was the reference to age: “Today we have the power to express ourselves, we have our own thoughts, we no longer live submissive to boys – said Stephens in a video on social networks – this situation Our entire universe, which we can enjoy today, has certainly benefited our physical appearance as well as on a mental level. We are brighter. So I feel more alive than ever, fresher than ever, and more glamorous than ever. So I’m sorry if I used the wrong term and I’d really like to at least apologize.”

She never said she was old.

However, the conductor explained that he had been misunderstood. call him TvBlogInsegno explained that, in fact, in the program that will see his increasingly discussed return to Rai, there will be no “black cat”, and therefore no replacement for Ainette Stephens, who apparently never indicated age: “I spoke to her, I sent her A voice message, – the conductor explained, – told her not to take it, thanked her for the work done … Everything is calm. I confirm that the showgirl was and is a “friend” and I make it clear that she never uttered this phrase in the interview: “Even if I said, and I did not say, that she is grown up, and I repeat not I said Is that a crime? I don’t understand what excuses I have to make.” I’m grown up too!”, he laughs.

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