Lidl, Total Panic: Recall of product contaminated with bacteria causes fatal meningitis

Lidl, Total Panic: Recall of product contaminated with bacteria causes fatal meningitis
Lidl – – Source: Depositphotos

Lidl on alert, product recalled due to bacterial contamination. It can be a cause of fatal meningitis.

Lidl is one of The most famous supermarket chains in Europe. There are many points of sale spread throughout Italy, where citizens can shop, taking advantage of the excellent quality of the products, but also of really affordable prices. A wide choice that truly satisfies all tastes.

On Lidl shelves you can find both Lidl brand products, That those gods Major Italian brands, such as Nestle, Mulino Bianco, Parmalat And much more. Perhaps it is precisely this double choice that makes Italian citizens decide to rely on the chain to store their supplies. This is at least one of the many reasons that attract consumers to this supermarket that also offers offers Fresh bread every day and weekly bread on clothing and household products.

So there are many High quality products This ensures that Lidl’s stores in Italian cities are always crowded. Quality combined with affordable prices, an element that is certainly not of great importance in light of the current economic crisis.

But in recent weeks, Lidl has suffered a minor setback, with one of its products withdrawn from the market. Below we will find out which product it is.

What is a food reminder?

From time to time, recalls of certain products and food items are reported. Generally Recalls occur after specific checks are performed Which aims to monitor the quality and safety of the product. Food inspections can occur before and after sale, and it is generally the latter that causes the most discomfort.

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Food inspections are done by verifying that the food in question is not contaminated with formula microbial and bacterial, That is, there is nothing inside it Potentially harmful physical items. If the tests are positive, a food recall must be conducted to prevent consumer exposure.

Lidl Collections and Foodstuffs -
Lidl Collections and Foodstuffs – – Source: Depositphotos

Products that have been recalled

The products recalled by Lidl are: McKinney Hot Dog. The withdrawal came after Detection of Listeria monocytogenes contamination in the product. Bacteria can cause contamination Experience symptoms for several weeks. Symptoms are Fever, vomiting and headacheAnd even convulsions in some cases.

The seriousness of the matter prompted a request to withdraw from the market. The facts just stated It happened in Great Britainbut this is a sold product Preparedness is also high in Italy.

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