Margarita Robles reads the military companies' primer on some tanks

Margarita Robles reads the military companies' primer on some tanks

defense minister, Margaret RoblesAnd showed him on Monday 'Great concern' “For lack of progress and level of commitment” in manufacturing 8×8 Dragon vehicles of the ground army. that it Purchase made by the Ministry in August 2020 With a value of more than 2000 million euros Which includes total 348 tanks will be delivered between 2022 and 2027. Likewise, Robles asked Employing more engineering capabilities, claimed Increase production rateincluding a new production line in Tropea Arms Factory (in Asturias), and requested the acceleration of some deliveries, the ministry stated in a statement.

Minister Robles met with the Minister of State for Defense Affairs, Amparo Valcarcewith the executives of the companies that are part of Tess's defence: John Skrein (Saint Barbara Systems), José Vincent of the Young (Indra), Angel Clerc and Javier Clerc (writers) and Ebon Abiribai (each process).

A step in the “modernization” of the ground army

The Ministry of Defense emphasizes that the 8×8 Dragon represents “an important advance in the field of… Earth Army Update“, which is a “reasonable improvement” in their capabilities and improved “protection, security and combat power of the receiving units.”

When is it? sign a contractOn August 25, 2020, Secretary Robles confirmed that it was “Historic milestone”He described it as “essential for the ground army” and stressed that it “favors the international presence of the armed forces.” Just over a year later, in November 2021, the minister had a “very good impression and a lot of encouragement” after overseeing the development of the 8×8 VCR program in The “Príncipe” rule by Baraquelos de Jarama With a display of the armored vehicle on wheels.

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In September 2022, Margarita visited Robles Tropea Arms Factory To examine the progress of the production program for this wheeled combat vehicle, and highlight it as an industrial process.”It creates many job opportunitiesmore than 8,700, direct and induced.” Nine months later, in June 2023, he returned to witness the progress and wrote that “the Spanish defense industry An example and model of innovation“.

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