In the UK the all-Italian ice cream cart

In the UK the all-Italian ice cream cart

Fiat 500 electric I turned into one ice cream shop: The smallest ice cream parlor in the world. It really is, he introduced the British division of the Italian brand, in fact Fiat 500e Gelateria EditionA very special version of the 500e Cabrio will bring ice cream to the nation’s cities.

An Italian twist on the traditional ice cream cart and a taste of La Dolce Vita on the streets of Britain.

Despite its small size, the mobile ice cream parlor will be able to serve up to 300 ice creams per day (30 liters of ice cream stored in double battery freezers). and this is without emitting emissionsUnlike the classicsThe ice cream vans are old fashioned and highly polluting, many of them powered by diesel engines“And that now they can no longer enter many population centers. For example, Camden, Greenwich and Westminster City ban combustion-engined ice cream vans, and by the end of 2024 they will be.” 14 UK cities with an Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)including all boroughs of London from 29 August.

Are you afraid of losing your ice cream? Impossible, when it arrives, the 500e Gelateria Edition reproduces the tunes of Italian operas… And if you want to enjoy your gelato sitting down, no problem: just open the ‘integrated’ loungers in the car.

The version of 500e Gelateria is Two-tone white and blue, reminiscent of the Italian style of the 1950s and has no seats for the passenger or the rear seats to leave more room to maneuver for the ice cream man serving customers looking out from the back of the car. Heat is not a problem: f Canvas roof It can be lifted to shade the accompaniment (and the ice cream). Inside the car – always the same color – there are freezers and a cupboard for cones, trays and spoons.

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