January 28, 2023

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Superbonus and Maxi restructuring agreement: Intesa sells 1.3 billion credits and makes space for purchases

Maxi agreement for the transfer of tax credits associated with b Building renovations. Intesa Sanpaolo has just signed a contract to transfer credits to Ludoil Energy worth €1.3 billion. This is a standard sale for this type of asset.

Intesa Sanpaolo E ludwell energy SPA, one of the main private companies in the energy sector, which is active in the field of infrastructure logistics and renewable energy sources, and which invests in innovative circular economy projects, has signed an agreement to receive tax exemptions associated with construction bonuses and premium bonuses for a tax value equal to 1.3 billion eurosNote explains. The new assignment will relate to receivables purchased from May 1, 2022, identified by the unique code provided by the Revenue Agency.

Limited capacity

And the “group led by Carlo Messina,” the note continues, “was the first Italian bank to fully implement the aid decree, which provided for the transfer to the business world. The contract signed with Ludoil Energy responds to the logic of a gradual restart of the loan allocation market: the Bank’s goal is to continue to involve a large number of companies to expand its financial capacity, today saturated. In fact, they are the primary and decisive counterpart to the promotion of the transfer market with the aim of relaunching and expanding the business.”

PODCAST/Superbonus, what you need to know

currently, in fact, The tax capacity of all credit institutions (Necessary to compensate for the credits obtained by the companies) is the cap: a phenomenon also related to Intesa San Paolo. One viable method is to free up capacity through so-called “fourth transfers” to enterprises holding current accounts.

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