Super PES Cup against the formidable Feldi. The golden age continues »Five-a-side football section

Super PES Cup against the formidable Feldi.  The golden age continues »Five-a-side football section

You have to go back nearly three years to find the last team that can beatItalservice Pesaro. It was Tino Perez soap and water at Faenza. From that defeat in the Coppa Italia was born the special team of Fulvio Collini. five stars. Lots of red and white trophies respectively. No veldi He tries, deceives himself, and touches the big shot before bowing out at the end of the final Super Cup One thousand and one feelings.

Initial Choices Colini without Carlos Espindola, simply the goalkeeper with the least chance of losing in Serie A: Playing Cianni, the 20-year-old made his debut from the winter futsal market in place of departing Miarelli. Tonidandel, Salas, Borruto and Canal make up the first action quad of the Italian champions. Sampieri, who found Collini a few months after the Scudetto finals, takes back Pesek and also the beaten Pessone: Dal Seine, Romano, Murillo Schucher, Calderoli and Basque, the first five of Epolitan Volpi.

First time It’s the two goalkeepers who don’t let the match take off: Dal Sen rejects a superb left-footed shot from De Oliveira after a good right-footed kick, and Ciani twice overtakes Petraccio by Calderoli and Romano, always from distance. Italservice is close to scoring again with de Oliveira, but Vava is decisive in his blocking of the streak. The goal that opens the Supercoppa 23 final reaches 1’20” from a double whistle: Pesaro postpones the change, Murillo Schiochet sees a liberating Calderoli, who slips Cianni off a tight corner. We go into the 1-0 interval for rossoblù.

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the other half Feldi is not apathetic, slow and predictable in the first part of the season (in which she failed the Final Eight goal) and immediately risks a very dangerous Caponigro double: once again Cianni says no. Missed goal, goal net conceded: Salas invented a super match, and De Oliveira supports the goal 1-1. Volpi is still ahead of Romano’s lineup, slightly influenced by Siani. Pizarro is still chasing after him, the usual Salas takes care of him. Who this time goes alone and beats Dal Sen. Not even the time to understand that at 2-2, Murillo Chaucher’s ballistic masterpiece has arrived: the left foot from an astronomical distance slips under the intersection of the pillars. Italservice’s reaction is furious: Dal Cin saves Salas and then on the canal fireball. It didn’t hit 3-3, but Feldi’s 4-2, still by Calderolli. Recovery continues with screaming, without exceptions for goals. Under two goals, Collini inserted a goalkeeper Taborda and at 2’15” the double disadvantage would return, first with Iradidio Salas, then with Taborda: 4-4 and overtime.

Add-ons are finalized Italservice finds the first advantage in overtime, with Titi Borruto on De Oliveira’s heel. But it is not enough to write the last word in the final of PalaSele. Feldi returns with 5vs4 in the second half and wins 5-5 with the usual Calderolli. Sanctions are there, they seem inevitable. But Colini brought back goalkeeper Taborda. Honorio found the 6-5 goal worthy of a trophy. The 21st character of Fulvio Colini including Uuefa Futsal, up to the ninth Super Cup for record holder Maurito Canal. It is the fifth consecutive trophy for the five-star Pesaro Italservice.

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Italian Service Pesaro Feldi Eboli 6-5 dts (0-1 pt, 4-4 st, 5-4 pts)
Italian Service Pisaro: Ciani, Tonidandel, Salas, Boruto, Canal, Ciscolini, Mariani, Fortini, Honorio, Taborda, Cozzolino, De Oliveira, De Luca, Fesprini. cholinergic flocks

Filde Eboli: Dal Sen, Romano, Pesque, Calderoli, Scotchette, Vavà, Caponigro, Trentin, Bissoni, Senatore, Melillo, Selucio, Glielmi, Pasculli. everyone. samberry

Signs: 18’40” pt Calderolli (F), 3’50” st De Oliveira (P), 6’28” aut. Ciani (Female), 10’09” Salas (P), 10’48” Schiochet (F), 13’53” Calderolli (F), 14’59” Salas (P), 17’14” Taborda (P), 2’06” Borruto points (P), 3’01” sts Calderolli (F), 3’58 Honorio (P)

Warnings: Schiochet (F), Bissoni (F), Vavà (F), Taborda (P), De Luca (P)

the reviewer: Luigi Alessi (Torrianova), Michele Ronca (Rovigo), Salvatore Menicini (Ercolano): Antonio Marino (Agropoli)

Italian Super Cup by ROLL OF GOLD A
1992 BNL Rome, 1993 second abbreviation, 1994 Ladispoli, 1995 second abbreviation, 1996 second abbreviation, 1997 Turin, 1998 second abbreviation, 1999 Turin, 2000 Na 2001 second abbreviation, 2002 the lawn 2003 the lawn 2004 Arzignano, 2005 Perugia, 2006 Arzignano, 2007 lubarins, 2008 lubarins, 2009 lubarins, 2010 Marker, 2011Marker, 2012 lubarins, 2013 lubarins, 2014 aqua sapon, 2015 Pescara, 2016Pescara, 2017 lubarins, 2018 aqua sapon, 2019 italservice pizarro, 2020 not approved, 2021 Italservice Bizarro

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