Italian Basketball League: League leaders Brescia loses to Cremona. Pizarro, A-2 is nearby

Germani pauses in the derby and doubts his top spot while awaiting the matches between Milan and Bologna. For Sacchetti's side, a miracle is now needed to avoid relegation

Pizarro is in trouble and increasingly dependent on his rivals' results; Brescia falls in the derby with Cremona, and Milan and Bologna could join them in first place. Success, which for Fanoli means mathematical salvation. This is what the footage of the third and final day of the Italian Basketball League says. Meo Sacchetti's Carpegna Prosciutto lasts a quarter against Bertram Tortona, who is looking straight to the playoffs. Germani failed to make a comeback against Fanoli, led by Bekia and former Eboa, who do not make the absence of leader Denegri felt.

Tortona Pesaro 95-76

After two successive victories, Pizarro's “dream” (in Mio Sacchetti's words) of redemption threatens to be shattered by Bertram's dateless defeat. Carpegna Prosciutto scores few goals and remains in penultimate place in the standings, which means relegation. Now Varese and Treviso can move up four points in the standings, an almost fatal gap two days before the end of the season. Despite the absence of Camagati, Dertona controlled the game thanks to Baldasso (23 points with 6/10 from three) and Obasohan (14 points and almost a triple-double), who is more accurate from the outside and works well on the rebound. From the second quarter the level also rises in defense (a crucial factor) while the limited Foyle-Bright-Foreman clings to fouls. The result is a double-digit gap at half-time, which becomes +14 in the 30th minute despite Visconti's flashes. In the final quarter, Pizarro's comeback did not start, so Baldasso and Dow combined for +21 (84-63) giving the closing credits an advance.

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Tortona: Baldasso 23, Obasohan 14, Daw 13

Pizarro: McDuffie 22, Wright-Foreman and Cinciarini 14

Cremona-Brescia 84-77

After the victory over Venezia, Germani stopped in the derby and raised questions about the top of the standings (40 points compared to 38 of the competitors to play). Cremona surprises them with McCullo and Becchia and ends the first quarter with a one-point lead. The usual Massenburg is in charge of shaking Brescia, supported by Gabriel, who scores 5 points in 4 minutes as soon as he enters. But when Lacy came on, Brescia's comeback became difficult and Fanoli, under pressure from Eboa, reached +9 (58-49) midway through the third quarter, but without delivering the knockout blow. Magro's team is still beleaguered but is trying to come back, especially with Della Valle scoring -4 (67-63) midway through the final quarter. The finish is glowing even if Eboa, Lacy and Becchia always keep Cremona ahead, and a strong defence, while Brescia falters in an evening with more mistakes than usual in both attack and defense and pays the price for the counters it concedes.

Cremona: Eboa 21, Bekia 16, Makolo 14

Brescia: Gabriel 17, Della Valle 16, Belan 12

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