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Realme 2021 featured a large number of models for what is the top range of the brand, the GT series. after the first GTAnd GT NewAnd New FlashAnd GT Mastermaster explorer, GT Neo 2 e New 2 TiFinally, we get to the heart of the future of this series. The company opened in 2022 with a new one Realme GT 2 and GT 2 Pro, two major barges bring various news: let’s find out all the details regarding technical specifications, price and market version.

Realme GT 2 Pro: everything we know so far

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In terms of style and design, the new top of the Realme range presents many novelties. In both cases we have the hole board at the top left, but everything changes with the back. is being Realme GT 2 Pro who – which Realme GT2 Available in version master design, a special variant co-created with designer Naoto Fukasawa. the official photos They made us appreciate its technology paper technologyIt is an environmentally sustainable option as the casing is made of biopolymers in cooperation with SABIC. These materials include organic compounds derived from nature, namely, fallen leaves and pulp. An element, the paper element, is also taken up by the texture of the shell itself, the roughness of which is partly similar to that of drawing papers. In short, a completely “green” novelty that translates into a very special back cover (which users looking for a unique terminal will surely find appreciated).

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