Bonucci, the torment of the Juventus captain

Bonucci, the torment of the Juventus captain

Turin – The captain is already from yesterday in National, Where he is a leader of choice who prepares to face commitments The League of Nations. It is clear that he is also a guide for Juventus, in a rather difficult historical period for the fate of Juventus: in fact, perhaps his definition of tormentor is more in line with reality. Leonardo Bonucci In his career, he’s faced worse moments and certainly not the type to be afraid of pitfalls: challenges fascinate him and there’s no one more exciting than pulling his team out of the quicksand he’s slid into.

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Juventus Under the Curve: We apologize to the fans after the Monza knockout

Anyone who knows the Juventus defender knows how sorry he was that he was unable to help his teammates on Sunday afternoon, at UPower Stadium in Monza, where Max Allegri They stumbled in an exciting and heavy defeat against a team that had only scored one point in the league until that point. You must have felt like a lion in a cage, Leo. But after all, his energies must be managed: the captain has returned from three consecutive games in a week (the trip to Paris in the Champions League, Salernitana and Benfica at home) in which he played as a starting player for 90 minutes in addition to recovering in each match. Therefore, his exclusion with Monza should be read in this sense: turnover necessary for physical management The 35-year-old defender He can’t keep up with Bremer’s frenetic pace, so to speak. But it was also a week, which ended poorly for the Bianconeri at Brianza, ignited by a crisis of results and the identity of Juve: Bonucci did not hold back and, as often happens, put his face on them. And the words: «I am very worried, there is nothing to hide. Unfortunately, we leave the game too oftenA phrase that alarmed fans, but it is also a mirror of a turbulent period. To get out also needs the strength of the captain.

Mancini:"Bonucci will not have any problems in post-Juventus management"

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Mancini: “Bonucci will not have problems in post-Juventus management”

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