March 24, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Super League, Uefa, Champions, Premier: Agnelli’s solution

Andrea Agnelli vividly described the situation in European football. suggested a solution. The solution can be debated and everyone should have their position and argue it: it is an opinion and no opinion is valid regardless. Rather, it is the fact that European football is going through a defining economic moment. that leading The League’s fortune doubled leagueAnd leagueAnd Bundesliga And League 1 put together; that the rift will widen with the new financial FairPlay; that the National Championships, with the exception of the English Championship, are facing a delicate if not truly critical economic moment; Those teams owned by states (PsgUniverse cityAnd Newcastle and they add) market imbalance; Individual elections are not a sign of the health of any democratic body.