Who is Corentin Moute? Jannik Sinner’s next opponent, the Bohemian tennis player who specializes in downstrokes

Who is Corentin Moute? Jannik Sinner’s next opponent, the Bohemian tennis player who specializes in downstrokes

He’s not like everyone else, Corentin. It doesn’t take long to understand him, just by watching him move down the court for a few points. Even Andy Murray, the former world number one, who was a tennis enthusiast and connoisseur before becoming a great champion, knew him. “Great player”. He lacks in kilograms and centimetres, but he makes up for some deficiencies in the technical and physical characteristics that modern tennis requires with large doses of creativity and unpredictability.. The first transmission is little more than average, the second which betrays him too often, showing us a docile heart hidden in the bark. naughty boy And from a lot (too many) broken rackets. A strange, indecipherable forehand: it doesn’t go fast, it doesn’t look painful, but it generally works. The tightrope walker’s backhand, which is always in the balance, almost always hitsWith an exceptional sense of rhythm.

Motet drives Paris crazy: “What did you say!?” Then he thanks the audience

Yes, rhythm. In love with rhymes, a self-taught pianist, Ko’s musical passion (as his close friends call him) finds expression above all in rap. He even set a record It deals with profound topics such as psychoanalysis, the technology that leads the world adrift, and the search for happiness. “Se tu sassi”, “Sogno” and “Mostri” are some of the tracks featured on the EP. During the pandemic hiatus, with more inspiration and time on hand, he made it happen In collaboration with Denis Shapovalov, a bilingual mystery piece titled “Drip.” Moté turns tennis into music, and life into art, always at the limits and (often) beyond the limits.

Corentin has certainly overcome some boundaries over the years: He was expelled from the Adelaide Championship in 2022 due to repeated insults to the chair umpire. Shortly after that, in Orleans, he almost got into a fight with Adrian Andreev at the end of the match, causing a scandal in the French Federation and being banned. You can make a calendar with all its oddities that sometimes get ugly. We can talk about the colorful relationship with the Naples fans, or with Santiago de Chile, but also with the Neapolitan fans. – Frequently disrespectful, especially towards his colleagues. From the grass tournament in Mallorca, where he practically stopped playing after losing the first set to his compatriot Mannarino, reaching Talk about trash With Munnar during the Challenger in Helsinki and the behind-the-back service against John Isner in Newport – including threatening to choke a spectator. Recently, it must be said, his Butad It was less wrong and more fun, as in the case of Madrid, when he asked the referee in the match he lost to Shang for coffee (and then a spectator brought it to him) or in Rome, where his cell phone rang during the match. His match in the middle against Novak Djokovic.

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Moute loses his patience and throws the racket: boos rain down from the crowd

We used to say that his tennis is a syncopated, kaleidoscopic music, always different and never ending. He plays with his left hand, the hand of artists (or the devil?) but he does everything else with his right. With his back piece he made a virtue of necessityHe honed one of his most effective weapons — without knowing it — during a period when an injury to his right wrist forced him to frequently play a one-handed backhand. The picture is completed with an exceptional vision for the game, innate defensive skills and Improvised and exaggerated solutions. Many, many drops, from every point of the field. And a rare ability to find increasingly narrow and extreme angles, outside the scope of common imagination. I fully realize that I have no say in Tennis power In the words of many of his colleagues, Moutet returns the game to an atavistic stage, consisting of carefully designed paths and caressed balls He was never mistreated (except when he shot some people outside the stadiums in a rage).


Moutet loses the point and does 10 push-ups on himself: laughter from Central

Beyond the Alps, the comparison with Benoit Paire came spontaneously, especially now that both have grown beards to large sizes. Recently this label of “genius and recklessness” has been applied left and right, to phenomena like Kyrgios who didn’t want to be a tennis player 52 weeks a year, to the Fognini who never came to terms with their immense talent, to that crazy Bublik who turns tennis matches into… Dada circus. But Corentin, as we said from the beginning, is different from others. “For me, it’s not about scoring an exceptional goal, I’m not playing to get the best point. I like to perform but not to please the audience, if there is anything I like it is to create a connection with those watching me with what I do on the pitch: sometimes I will be applauded, other times I will be booed, it doesn’t matter. The goal of a professional tennis player is to win: but if I only think about winning, I won’t do my job well. “I have to think about what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it.” Corentin is somewhat of a cursed poet, like Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire, who crowd his Twitter account, and The whirlwind of thoughts in his head is what most characterizes his cerebral playing, combat, and strategic tennis.

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Motet, what are you doing? He takes a selfie before the tiebreaker

Another peculiarity is Submission from below, which he uses frequently, exploiting the effect of surprise To expel opponents. In the last match with Offner he served from under 12 times, getting the point on 9 occasions. It cuts the ball with a left-handed curve that displaces those in front of it and becomes difficult to control, such as when the spin of the serve is misread in table tennis and the ball goes in a completely different direction than the desired one. An additional weapon used by the Frenchman to destabilize his opponents. However, it is unlikely to be enough to trouble Yannick Sinner, who is performing excellently in Sunday’s match against Chatrier. A match that promises to be amazing, in it Blue should be good at managing crowds, which are likely to be more enthusiastic Than he already was during the second round against Gasquet.

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How much is the prize money worth?

This season’s Grand Slam prize money has increased by 7.9% compared to last year: Roland Garros becomes the tournament with the highest prize money after the US Open. Passed London and Melbourne. Here the players’ profits change in turn.

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