90 million euros on the plate

90 million euros on the plate

Salihamidzic will meet the Juventus management and the player who has been equipped with a rich five-year deal

The Bayern Monaco serious about Matisse de Ligt And less than a month before the start of the Bundesliga, the Bavarian leadership is ready to take concrete steps to close the deal with Juventus Dutch defender. Ex-Juventus player Hasan Salihamidzic is expected to arrive in Turin on Monday to meet with Juventus club management Juventus And the player brought a tangible display to both of them and back to Germany with a final yes.

According to what was collected, we are not at the 100 million euros you asked for Juventus, but not more than sixty that Bayern initially placed to sit at the negotiating table. The German company should approach a total of 90 million euros between the fixed part (about 80) and the bonus (about 10), and then look for an agreement – a little easier – with De Ligt.

In fact, a rich five-year contract is ready for the player, so until 2027, with a total salary of about 18 million euros per season. will de Legit He is leaving Juventus, but the managers of both teams have to take the last step.

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