Amazon promotion without VAT, these iPhones are still 18% off

Amazon promotion without VAT, these iPhones are still 18% off

A kind of no-VAT rained down on Amazon on Saturday for the iPhone world and Apple in general. The big online retailer, unlike other online retailers, doesn’t label (or directly advertise) its discount operations in this way, but it just so happens to have the same practical effect. When they arrive, they are marked with discounts of $ 18% is a large number of products.

During Saturday, those who managed to take advantage of the event, perhaps by following our “semi-live” coverage, were able to buy discounted iPhones, as well as iPhone 12 iPad Pro, 11 iPad Pro, iPad minis, iPad 9th and 10th generation. , Mac mini, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch (including the Ultra) and even the Apple Pencil 1, which are the Airpods Max that are discounted very rarely.

In particular, 18% were interested in discounts on 1 TB iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are suitable for some colors (such as silver). They fell to 1,753 euros from 2,139 euros that Apple requires from you. The discount has extended to almost all iPhone 14 Pro Max models, including most (relatively) Inexpensive 128 GB models. Only different 512GB colors were missing.

At the time of this writing, all products, especially iPhones, have either sold out or are back to normal prices. It’s normal because pieces run out and it’s best to only accommodate those who arrive first. And those who “settled”, taking advantage of savings that on some occasions approached 400 euros for iPhones and 800 euros for Macs, were in great numbers.

If you want to know which Apple products are still on sale, head over to this page which we’ll be updating a few times today, Sunday, February 26th. Below we will tell you which iPhones, on the other hand, are still 18% off or are still affordable

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iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Speaking of the iPhone, what we notice at the time of writing this report (Sunday morning) is that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the best iPhones of the year which until a few weeks ago were almost unavailable in stores (including Apple Stores), even from Amazon is now either back to normal prices or out of stock. But there are still some rare but good opportunities.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14s and more, iPhone 14 Plus has always been available and often at a discount. However, yesterday, for almost the entire range, the opponent was more important than in the past. The most interesting products in terms of discounting were the basic versions of the iPhone 14 Plus which, unlike the other versions, were not heavily discounted. Among the iPhone 14, we also point out the iPhone 14 discount not by 18 but by 13%; It’s a great deal, the best discount from Amazon promotions “Excluding VAT”

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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

If you are interested in the iPhone 13 (a model that is still on sale and represents a very serious price-performance alternative to the iPhone 14), you’re in luck. Right now, Apple hasn’t restated the pricing for this model yet, and you’re spoiled for choice on versions at 18% off.

We do not list all models here because that would almost duplicate Amazon’s entire price list. We emphasize the comfort of the 128 GB version in different colors such as At a price of 769.99 euros instead of 939 euros It costs €40 less than what Apple is asking for the 64GB iPhone 12. The price of the 256 GB version is also excellent.867 euros instead of 1059 euros(While for the 512 GB version, you will not find colors only at an 18% discount)1056 euros instead of 1289 euros) but also the red product at 1027 euros, therefore at a discount of 20%

On the other hand, there are fewer iPhone 13 Minis for sale. But someone is offering significant savings because the promotion is up to 21% off the list price for some models. Here are the discounted mini iPhones

Apple is offering discounts starting at 18% on Amazon on February 25th

  • Amazon discount 18% iPhone 14 ProSave up to €359!
  • discount iPad 10.2 Better than no vat, price from 349 €
  • to airtags The price has been reduced by 26%, and now it’s only €28.68
  • Almost everyone iPhone 14 Pro Max 18% off, save up to €386
  • Amazon discounts 20%. iMacSave up to €422
  • Discount boom on MacBook Pro 14 with M2 processorsaving up to 690 euros
  • The new Amazon inflates and lowers it by 767 euros Macbook Pro 16 M2 Max
  • Save big on ipadminiToday at 18% off!
  • Mac mini m2 It is already at a discount, you only pay 597 euros (instead of 729 euros)
  • Amazon, many iPad Pro 11 M2 Discount between 18 and 24%
  • everyone The new MacBook Pro Discount, save up to almost €800 today!
  • iPad Pro 12.9M2Hundreds of euros are saved today
  • Amazon discount Apple Watch from 18% (ultra inclusive)
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