“The Mole” in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

“The Mole” in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan

Milan, October 31. (EscanNews) – On the night between Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 October 2023, the “head” of one of the six excavators used by Webuild to build the M4 metro, La Blu, arrived at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, the capital of Lombardy.

The milling head of the tunnel boring machine (tunnel boring machine, more friendly called mechanical mole), after being presented in front of the Triennale on the occasion of the exhibition “Building the Future. “Infrastructure and Benefits for People and Territories” dedicated to infrastructure and promoted by Webuild, set off again towards what will be, in Nowadays, its new home. In fact, the museum was identified precisely for its strong connection with the world of technological and industrial development, bearing witness to the stories of people, inventions, research, discoveries and business facts that have contributed to the transformation of society in the last two centuries, especially a reference to Italy. It thus becomes the head of the TBM Part of its collections as a symbol of progress in the transport sector and innovation that changes the concept of mobility in Italian cities: the metro is one of the most innovative and effective mobility systems that has succeeded in traffic.
On Monday 30 October, at midnight, the head of the TBM, with a diameter of 6.7 meters and a weight of 58 tons, set off, thanks to an exceptional means of transport, to cross the city of Milan and reach the Museum. The convoy set off from Viale Allemagna, traveled along Viale di Porta Vercellina, continued its way towards Viale Papeniano, and then arrived at Viale Olona at dawn on Tuesday, October 31, where it entered via a crane that lowered it into the museum courtyard. From there it was finally placed in the gardens adjacent to the railway pavilion on a special concrete base on which the steel structure supporting it was placed. To allow the passage of Al-Shala and his convoy, which is 6 meters wide and more than 4 meters high, the roads had to be closed to traffic, as the convoy advanced along the road, accompanied by the municipal police, and raised the overhead power lines and removed the signal poles and traffic signals, which were restored immediately after the completion of the operation. Maneuver operations.
The drilling machine that arrived at the museum has excavated more than 4 km of the 15 km that will make up the total Blue Line, in particular in the stretch from San Cristoforo to Kuni Zugna, passing near the museum. To create the tunnels in both directions, 6 very large partitions were used: at least 6.7 meters high, more than 110 meters long (about 3 times the size of Enrico Totti’s submarine), and weighing about 6,000 tons (about 20 times the size of the submarine). submarine).

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