Iliad Italia launched eSIM for all its customers. Transferable at any time – | News | telephony

Iliad Italia launched eSIM for all its customers.  Transferable at any time – |  News |  telephony

Starting at noon today, June 15, 2023, for existing and new customers The Iliad They are officially eSIMs are availableor phone cards already integrated into compatible devices through a dedicated chip, with them being inserted and removed in a “digital” rather than physical way.

Already in recent months, as told by MondoMobileWeb, Eliade has stated that he has been working on a project to arrive soon at launch.

Moreover, also on May 4, 2023, during the press conference after introducing the launch of iliadbusiness, Benedict LevyChief Executive Officer Italy’s Iliadconfirmed that eSIM cards will arrive soon, but without specifying a specific date.

Remember to file An eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan on your device without having to use a removable SIM card.

It performs the same function as a conventional SIM card, specifying a customer profile and allowing access to the operator’s network It does not have to be physically inserted into the phone, only digitally: to start the download and installation You need to download a profile by scanning a special QR codethrough the specific function found in the configuration menu of Compatible mobile devices.

So it’s basically a phone card already integrated In a smartphone with a dedicated chip. It should also be noted that, with an eSIM, one’s phone plan is inserted and removed in a “digital” way rather than in a physical way.

with the Launching eSIMs from IliadIt was officially announced today June 15, 2023, and now this type of phone card is available as already specified, For both new and existing customers of the fourth national operator, on all offers of the mobile network.

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Regardless of the joint offer, For new customers, the cost of eSIM activation is €9.99i.e. the same price as standard SIM cards, which are still available.

Instead of that Agents of the Iliad alreadyAnd For those who have already activated or requested to switch to an offer at € 9.99 per month, eSIM activation is free in promotionwhile For those with an offer that costs less than €9.99 per month, there is a one-time activation cost of €9.99..

In general, Iliad eSIM is available Online on the operator’s official website, via SIMBOXs located in 38 flagship stores, in all corners of the Iliad and by calling customer service 177.

As Iliad explains, that’s enough Choose an option eSIM When signing up for the offer, or in the case of existing customers, just order it from the Personal Area.

To install the eSIM on your smartphone, as mentioned earlier, you need to scan the QR Code provided at the time of subscription. In addition to, The Iliad customer must enter the secret code that is always received after activationand then follow some of the configuration steps required by your device.

It could be an eSIM too Transfer it from one device to another by uninstalling it from the old device and reusing the QR codeavailable from your personal page or in the subscription email, on your new smartphone.

As announced by the operator, eSIM is only available on compatible devices. On the official website of the operator, on the new page dedicated to eSIM cards, there is a dedicated list of all the models in question.

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during iliadland event, Benedict Levy On Saturday, May 27, 2023, MondoMobileWeb specifies that eSIMs will arrive.very sooninstead of pointing to VoLTE service Report that it will arrive soon. So the next step will be VoLTE.

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